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Blocking players: privacy & safety

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I'm writing this because I've noticed that even when you block a player, it doesn't prevent him/her to see your status and instance. I also wrote a ticket and that's not a bug, it's expected to be like this.


I won't start talking about personal or legal issues. I think it's important to give players the possibility to enjoy the game without being observed, harassed, stalked also between multiple platform (discord, guilds chat etc). Being able to see in what instance people play even with a block it's a safety issue. Yes, stalking is a legal matter, but giving the possibility to people like this to always see where you are and what content are you playing (so basically not being able to sever all ties with that person without stop playing the game or being offline 24/7), it's something that can be easily fixed and that will help a lot of people in this kind of situation.


Thank you for your attention.

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I agree that this could be implemented better, but even when it is done, be aware that a person that is a threat to you may make infinite free GW2 accounts and see your status via those, even if their main account is well-blocked.


As mitigation you can fake your status to be offline all the time, even when you are online. I guess for now that would be the best option.

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