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My best performing Virtuoso build for PvP so far


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(Disclaimer: Virtuoso still needs major tweaks. Don't expect any build to suddenly fix the spec.)


Not gonna lie, making Blades count as illusions have mattered more than I thought and made an entirely new playstyle for Virtuoso possible: Inspiration. Together with reworked Pshycic Riposte which gives you insane amount of Blade spaming, Illusionary Inspiraton+Signet of Ether passive gives you lots of sustain. 


Weapons: You can replace Dagger+Focus with pretty much whatever you want but Greatsword is a must have. I chose Dagger+Focus because Sword hitbox is still too small to be effective without strong mobility. Tho, it can be a good defense tool with additional dash and blurry. Althought Dagger is lackluster, I use it because it's effective in both melee and range thanks to high attack speed. For off-hand, you can literally use every single one of them. It doesn't make that much of a difference IMO. I chose focus because additional swiftness ended up a lot more useful than I expected since there is a clear lack of mobility in this spec. But most importantly, you can cast Into The Void, while casting Bladesongs which makes it a lot easier to land them and allows you to make use of their AoE (Yes, Bladesongs are actually piercing) 


Traits: I use Illusions pretty much only for Shatter Storm and Master of Misdirection. As I said, you stock blades very very fast but most of the time, you don't have any use for them. With those traits, you can always make use of your Blades. Additionaly, since you nearly always have 3 Blades to Shatter, you get lots of healing from Restorative Illusions. I believe other traits are self-explanatory.


Utility: I've already explained why I use Signet of Ether. Blink is insta pick in every PvP Mesmer build. Blade Renewal is your only real defensive tool. You will also heal quite a lot while casting it thanks to Illusionary Inspiraton since you are stocking Blades. I filled other 2 slots with basically best defensive tools Mesmer can offer (aka invisibility) I don't recommend making too much change in left-side slots but you do whatever you like.



  1.  Unlike illusions, stocking a new Blade while you have maximum amount of blades, doesn't replace the old ones. So using an ability that creates a Blade while you have 5 Blades, won't trigger Illusionary Inspiraton and Signet of Ether passive healings. 
  2. Use your Phantasms after you shatter to make use of bonus damage from Deadly Blades.
  3. Use Blade Renewal when you have no Blades stocked for maximum healing. Don't use it for just stacking blades and use it defensively since it's your most important ability and it has very long CD.
  4.  Don't cast Signet of Ether unless you're in the verge of death. Passive healing from it so much important and doesn't worth losing majortiy of the time. 
  5. Bladesongs gives Aegis and blocking with Aegis gives 3 more Blades. So if you have someone attacking you. you can cast Bladesong Harmony twice on quick sucession with 3+ blades for each cast. 
  6. Pshycic Riposte and Duelist Reversal both have 3 seconds cooldown. So don't spam dodges or try to wait if you triggered them via blocking recently (You can tell they've been triggered if you have stocked 3 Blades instantly)
  7. Use Quickness from Duelist Reversal Phantasmal Haste to reduce cast time of your Bladesongs. It matters a lot. 
  8.  Virtuoso is still weak. Keep your expections low. This is merely an attempt to make it feel less awful.




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