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WvW map showing wrong ownerships

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  • iTB.1428 changed the title to WvW map showing wrong ownerships
10 hours ago, iTB.1428 said:

I'm green. 
Camp is capped by blue displaying green on map.
Tower is properly green but showing after cap timer while being T1 which is impossible.

My guess is that my map displays structure status from another world.

You can report it in this thread about the current beta: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/105540-wvw-world-restructuring-update-–-december-3-2021/


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Second day in a row I've been playing and have no idea what we do and don't own because the colours are wrong!
I was playing Green tonight, yet could easily stroll through Red territories. Although the map showed the wrong territorial ownership, the NPCs were the right colour.


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