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Emotes and backpieces

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So, since forever, emotes hide the backpack. However, this seems like an arbitrary decision. There is no need for this happen. Reasons? ;

Performing an emote will hide the backpack. Scrolling into first person mode, and back out, enables the backpack again. The backpack will either be solid as usual, or move along as actual. Hence animations are not an issue, since there are no graphical conflicts. 

Clipping is a _minor_ issue at best of at all. One except come to mind is like sitting or lying down, and a Cape or object would sink into the ground or chair. This is easily fixed by giving us a checkbox in te settings, so that players can decide for themselves if they want to take the minor clipping issues for granted or not. 

Tldr; emotes hiding backpacks is an arbitrary decision, does not conflict with animation as they can be forced visible, and I want them to remain visible while using emotes.


Thank you for coming to my lecture on advanced object permanence. Tomorrow's lecture will be about the culinary application of mordrem tissue in vegan diets.

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I was initially going to side with the devs on this, assuming it's a harder problem to solve than at first glance (maybe down to the way the game stores animations and models in different, distinct data arrays or something like that).


But there's also an interesting exception to this.


The human female animation when harvesting plants using the Reap-r-Tron tool uses the Point emote as its basis, but doesn't hide the character's backpiece.


So it's not like it couldn't be done.

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