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  1. add to that the opening of the JP, where all surfaces are a glowy-gooyey surface, you can barely see what angle the surface is at
  2. Going by TacO I sometimes see him marking paths I myself would have never even considered ground you can walk on. Seeing a rocky wall, with all manners of outcroppings all looking way too vertically aligned, thinking "you, there's no quaggan way that's a place you can land", and then you can land there. And I'm like "how am I not falling to my death??"
  3. Sadly, both SA and CoT have mounts disabled, so that was one way to not rely on luck a lot. But I made it. After the 2nd checkpoint the use of Oakheart Essence becomes less aggravating
  4. Ah yes, the slippery slope to Faren just handing out 2g once a day..
  5. I love how you asked the most open ended question with black and white answers as options. It depends entirely on the studio that buys the franchise. And it depends if they want to change the philosophy of the game. Etc etc. Sometimes games improve when they're sold to different studios. Sometimes they flop. Though both GW1 and GW2 are anet games, they're made by practically 2 different companies.
  6. Fair, fair, Although I don't consider the Chalice a JP in the slightest, because it's all guesswork and no logic is involved
  7. I'm using TacO yes, with Tekkit's guide, and I guess paying a mesmer will be the only way this "puzzle" is possible... I'm not sure what you mean by position rewinder. But even if you can rewind, you still need to go back to the start to pick up 3 oakhearts, until you reach the save point which is automatically lost if you fail to clear the second hurdle.
  8. this is not a constructive post. anet will delete it in <24 hours Today I ragequit on Searing Ascend. it takes several tries to just get past the first gap. I tiny rocky outcropping, and then you have to jump of the ledge. Guess what, half the time your character doesn't jump high enough. Then you need all three of the three available shots to glide across the spire. Once up, once forward, climb the crystal WHOSE WALKABLE SURFACE YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE BECAUSE IT'S TOO SHINY. HOWEVER, that second shot around the spire has you shoot up on top of the crystal, without wasting the th
  9. No, I use quaggan as a replacement insult, since I like cats.
  10. I'm a huge fan of the Onyx/Gold weapon skins that can only be gotten via combo boxes. So I was a little sad to see how quickly they went away for other sets, and then again other sets. I'm still interested in buying some of the combo boxes, but I'll be even more inclined if instead of a predefined box, I got a ticket for any of the special sets. The current Weapons Master box for example comes with a rainbow drugged glowy weapon. A skin I would definitely not want in any of my characters. Huge waste. There are however some more onyx/gold skins I'd love to acquire. Do you see the wi
  11. The game booted me to character select Frozen Out's last conversation (post boss). Entering back in, all the way at the quaggan beginning of the instance. This is not the first time, either. No. Over the course of this "return to"-achievement train, the game has been been booting me from instances constantly, resetting ALL PROGRESS to the start. progress flags aren't rocket science, anet, USE THEM! this is what causes people to ragequit...... Rant over.. no choice but to do the whole quaggan instance again....
  12. Have you tried not picnicking in enemy territory?
  13. Replaying Bloodstone Fen story, the commander uses a lot of emotes while talking to Caithe, none of which hide the backpack. So I have zero reason to believe the system can't handle it.
  14. I hear you, but I always disagreed with acquisition of legendary weapons. They were never hard or challenging to get, just terribly slow, since all it takes is a major grind of materials and gold. The requirements for armour was a step up in value (in my opinion). Also, there's still ascended armour which is about the next best thing which can still be gotten with boorish gold grind
  15. Legendary equipment is connected to legendary content, requiring legendary effort. Not wanting to do content is a 'you' problem, not a game problem
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