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  1. I returned to playing GW2 last year, after a seven year long hiatus. While playing through the story, I ended up having to play most missions at least twice, if not more, thanks to disconnects. Usually at the end of the missions. The one where I got disconnected while watching the cutscene after killing the HoT boss particularly stung. With the recent incentives to revisit season 2 story content, I've been replaying these instances for the achievements, and lo and behold, I'm getting constant disconnects. I also seem to remember that this was a problem for me when I
  2. I've got one achievement left for this, but it's the last boss one. ANet really do go out of their way to make you hate their game, don't they? This is a hard enough achievement as it is (especially for a warrior, where every trait line has a minor trait that gives a boon). But to stick it at the end of a really long mission that's more unskippable filler than gameplay is obnoxious. Even worse, it's not like they couldn't make the filler skippable, as one of the cutscenes is skippable. I got close several times tonight, only to lose the achievemen
  3. I used to love doing the same with my evil Domination build in Fort Aspenwood / Jade Quarry. Favourite targets were monks and eles on the walls of Fort Aspenwood and Necro Bombers in Jade Quarry. It was hilarious hitting an Ele who was channeling a long cast with Arcane Conundrum, watching them get almost to the end, then interrupting them. You could here the screams of frustration all the way to Lion's Arch 😄 And hitting Frenzy warriors with Empathy was always good for a chuckle too! It was the ultimate troll class, and was just soooo satisfying when you
  4. Nah, I was kidding when I said I didn't know why they set max level to 80 for GW2. The real reason was to attract players from other MMOs, plain and simple, most of whom didn't take GW1's 20 levels seriously. Nevermind that GW1's system worked well at teaching you your class, but at the same time was FAR more complex at high level play than GW2 (or many other MMOs out there), thanks to almost endless build diversity. The misconception that you need more levels to properly teach someone their class stems from the Blizzard school of "RPG" design, and can be traced ba
  5. Well, swapping gear wasn't as important in GW1, as it had no direct effect on your skill-related stats. I see that as being one of the biggest mechanical mistakes in GW2, and in a lot of modern "RPGs". Weapons should solely be about damage and control, while armour should be about defense and mobility. Making everything you equip affect all of your stats makes for drastically limited build flexibility. Having said that, making it hard and expensive to effectively change your equipment makes it easier for developers to monetise their games.
  6. Didn't WoW reduce max level to 60 recently? How about GW2 reduces to say, 20? 😄 (I never did understand why GW2 released with 80 levels; the first game didn't need them)
  7. Because it's more respectful of your players' time, and just nicer in general.
  8. Why would they do option 2? Because I hope they would have learned from one of their biggest imitators, Destiny 2. In that game, once you've earned an Exotic weapon (roughly equivalent to GW2's Legendary weapons), you can pull as many copies of that weapon out of your Collections as many times as you like (for a minor fee, and I mean minor, not GW2's definition of the word).
  9. Regarding questions about wielding two copies of the same Legendary, I suspect ANet will leverage the "Unique" item attribute like with ascended trinkets, and prevent you from equipping two of the same item, meaning if you want two legendary swords, you'll have to craft two. It would be a really icky move on their behalf, but I wouldn't put it past them.
  10. As I noted in the Ascended Armory thread, they won't necessarily need to directly monetise the Legendary Armory, as simply adding it to the game will tempt more players in to Legendary acquisition. And a significant percentage of those players will choose to bypass the material costs by spending cash in the gem store to convert it to gold.
  11. Players are lazy. This is part of what's driving the implementation of the Legendary Armory* As Legendary items are account bound and not soul bound, they can already be shared between any character on an account, as long as the player is willing to spend the time unequipping them, putting them into the bank (or shared inventory slot), then equipping them on the next character. So the functionality of the Legendary Armory already exists in the game. It's just a bit of a PITA for the player. So the only thing the Armory does is make it easier to share Legendary
  12. As you can probably guess from my earlier posts, I'm the opposite. It's the swappable stats that hold the appeal for me But as I stated before, I believe this shouldn't be locked in to just legendaries. I know a lot of people in this thread state that they rarely change build, but for me, coming from the first game, I find build-crafting incredibly fun, and think that it's a massive shame it's restricted to a privileged few. I would spend hours in the first game testing and refining builds for both PvE and PvP, and everyone had the freedom to do so. It's how we ended up wit
  13. Sorry, I should clarify; I'm fine with the grind for the cosmetic side of the items, but I believe the build flexibility should be available to everyone, and that it would drastically improve the game for all players. There's even precedence for this in the first game where initially stat respecs cost tokens, but this was removed shortly after release allowing free respecs at will outside of instances.
  14. I have two legendary weapons (Juggernaut and Kudzu) from back when I originally played the game before coming back last year, and I started work on Aurora. Got pretty far, and have almost completed the Draconis Mons part of the track, but then looked at the rest of the stuff required and thought "yeah, sod that". I was the one who originally suggested adding the ability to swap stats to leggies, and now massively regret it. I've come to realise that's functionality that should be available to everybody in order to encourage build experimentation and help the devs iron o
  15. I like the cut of your jib Buzzbugs 👍 You are bang-on when you say that the team will struggle to design maps that are equally challenging for both those with and without the Skyscale. And keeping up with the meta-train without one is nigh-on impossible. Eraden above saying that bunny and griffon are enough for Dragonfall obviously hasn't tried to keep up with the post-meta boss rush. I have my Skyscale, but I certainly didn't enjoy getting it. I honestly couldn't describe it as anything more than a chore. But GW2 has always been plagued by the kind of design that
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