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  1. Banners are terrible skills for a profession that requires high mobility to keep pressure up, and it's a sad state of affairs when they have become the only thing that keeps Warriors viable for high end content.
  2. Destiny 2 for one. Want the Exotic weapon from a Raid? Do it once, and you've got it. Mind you, it's no surprise people are unaware that some other games don't require as much grind as GW2. After all, time spent playing other games is time lost on gear acquisition in GW2, and that's one of ANet's primary means of player retention.
  3. That's pretty accurate. Where most games would give you something decent every time you complete a raid or dungeon, GW2 is set up so you have to do the same activity over and over until you're bored of if before you get the item you want. That ANet have managed to convince the community that this is a badge of honour and that rewards should be handed out so stingily never ceases to amaze me.
  4. I don't think they necessarily even need to be more powerful; I think "More Shiny" is probably good enough for the average Skritt player. And to that end, I think infusions and the "Invisible" items could fill that gap, if they had a definite acquisition path instead of being RNG. Heck, with infusions, you even get the increased power (albeit minuscule and not really that important outside of Fractals). But otherwise, yep, fully agree. PS: Anyone else find it deeply funny that ANet have effectively pulled an "Emperor's New Clothes" by making invisible attire some of
  5. "I'm Commander Mungrul, and Female Sylvari is my favourite voice actor in Tyria." *Punches out Asari Asura reporter*
  6. That's actually an issue I've raised before since coming back to GW2. I played a bit of Diablo 3 during the time I was away, and I was there for the patch where they improved gem crafting so it was always one progress bar of the same speed, no matter how many you were crafting, where before, it was like GW2 in that you'd hit "Go" and have to wait. There's absolutely no reason to have crafting take so long in GW2 besides wasting the player's time. You can't do anything else while waiting for the progress bars to complete, so ANet are effectively forcing you to stop playi
  7. @genjonah.1253, thanks for replying. I'll cordially agree to disagree, although my view is a little more nuanced 😀 I believe all QoL should be available to all players for minimal investment (if any), but that premium cosmetics should be gated. That proved good enough for the first game, and I can't see why it wouldn't work here too. But I am also under no illusions that ANet are going to turn around and implement such a system, so I'd like to see if they have further plans for other Legendaries to be acquired in a similar manner to this amulet, which I can see as
  8. Uh, while there's a cost associated with swapping stats on gear, sure, not very many. But that's kind of the whole point. Not very many people experiment with builds because it's not cheap or easy to do so at the moment. Give people the tools to experiment more easily, you'll see more experimentation.
  9. Given the reward structure in the achievement line, I think there will be a massive uproar if there is a material cost. But yes, there is the potential for ANet to still flub the landing.
  10. Yeah, shoving the Living World portal tomes in shared slots is also really useful. I mean, I think overall, the shared slots open up so much utility, they're probably the most useful items to buy, full stop. I maxed out my slots and have all sorts of really useful stuff in mine including stuff like permanent salvage tools and portal tomes / scrolls, among other things. However, I also resent that these are sold at all, and believe that such utility should be included for every player. I'm a firm believer that the only things sold through the gem store should be cosme
  11. Good points @AgentMoore.9453, and to be fair to ANet, they have already gone back and provided alternate ways of acquiring precursors other than dumb luck. Myself, I'd still like to see the second half of the Legendary journey expanded to be more in line with the first instead of just being a massive material and gold sink. While not being one of the original Legendaries, getting Aurora is quite similar, and it felt a bit of a cop-out to get to the end of the interesting part (apart from the Draconis Mons timegate), only to be faced with a characterless material investment in
  12. This is really one for someone at ANet, but I'm fully aware they rarely respond, so I welcome the community's opinions too! I've really appreciated the fact that with Living World Return, ANet have given us a new way to acquire a piece of Legendary equipment, and most notably, one that doesn't have timegating (beyond initial release) or egregious material requirements. So with that out of the way, I'm curious to know if the intention moving forward is to provide similar ways of obtaining other pieces of Legendary equipment. I for one would much appreciate it, and think it
  13. I also bought this a while back, and I don't even play that much WvW. But when I do, I like to have some variety in my mounts, especially on different characters. Same goes for the Skyscale pack.
  14. I'll have to find referenced articles later, but there's been a lot of studies recently that have concluded that "Like" systems have been detrimental to the internet as a whole. I fully believe that such systems should be gotten rid of, and that if someone wants to agree or disagree with a comment, they should comment themselves.
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