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New account transfer limit

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I started a new account using the Prime Gaming code. According to the wiki/help desk, the value of transfers should go up by 1 gold every 10 hours until being uncapped after 30 days. The account is 11 days old but still cannot withdraw a stack of Resonating Slivers from the guild bank which are only worth 7.5s. It seems like I can only withdraw items that have no vendor price.


I am beginning to wonder if there is a progression requirement where you have to get a character to a certain level or something. Or has the timing for this policy changed to something stricter?

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I'm not completely sure but I think the limit goes up for every 10 hours of play time (or time logged in to a character), not simply how long the account has existed.

Also the limit is on both deposits and withdrawls and shared between items, so if you've withdrawn other items you may have hit your limit even if the one you're trying to withdraw now is not especially valuable.

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