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Wall Bug


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Was longbow'd 4 into a wall by a ranger, went for the relog to try and get out of it faster, ended up not being able to rejoin and recieved a 20min dishonor.


The stuck command has a duration of 30s + 15s respawn, I find this a bit ludicrous like we're being punished for being stuck in a wall.


Please fix the bugs that allow this to occur or find a way to reduce the time on /stuck. 45s out of the game is pretty detrimental in conquest. 



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Similarly I was knocked into a wall in Skyhammer and couldn't move at all. I thought it was Immobilise but spamming an entire kit of cleanses did nothing, I eventually realised I was physically stuck in the wall itself.


At least I got lucky and they could still attack me, so I was able to respawn.

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