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  1. Should have saved that line or started a thread in that regard for April Fools. Topic: I can't hit the virtuoso coz the invisible clones are protecting it. Pls nerf virtuoso clones
  2. Cata is fine. Staff tempest is good. Been watching streamers more than play. Cellofrag is king. I won a drop giveaway after 18 min, lul.
  3. Why aren't you working as a consultant for Anet? Going off topic for a moment here but I'm quite impressed with the quality of your content. I'd pay a premium for evergreen content of this caliber. I prefer delivering direct damage over condi and played FA on core pre xpac. It took impeccable timing and lots and lots of practice to land FA combo burst and it was often for a single target. With the scepter buff, landing combos became so eazy-chair I felt anet gave Cata a free hack/mod server side access. Combine that with the Cata elite and AoE procs, it's gg. When I mentioned buffing counters, I didn't specifically have just damage in mind. Corrupting boons and giving back chill damage to core necro and reaper would be interesting. Yes, I get downed by things that arent supposed to and vice-versa 🙂 Remember the days when necro countered guard, engie and ele while ranger free casted the necro and thief decap far, warrior downed necro from spawn then mesmer 2 second combos the warrior, portals to mid and scavenges for ez kills. I miss those days. Most roles are ubiquitous now so anything that can kill fast and have super mobility will reign supreme. Your tier list reflects that. \ I don't have any beef against Spb because they have counters...except for ones in the top 10 in EU atm. Those guys play at another dimension. I pretty much agree with everything you wrote and appreciate the fact that you were mostly unbiased. While you did categorize Cata as higher tier than the other Ele elites, I still feel the FA Cata is the biggest culprit of this madness and should get looked at instead of nerfing the class. Great read Trevor. If I had alts, I'd log on and give you lotsa emojis 🥰😍🙃
  4. That CC damage removal was the lamest move ever. It will take resources to balance Ele correctly but since it's easier to just gut the class, that's probably what will happen. Hi Trevor. Last time I played Cata was early December last year and though it was already powerful, it wasn't FOTM/bandwagon yet. If played properly or going vs someone in the highest tiers, there's little hope to win vs the FA Cata (FFA). Weaver, Tempest, both strong yet still have hard counters. Good news though is that not many players can play FA Cata properly and in the few games I've played in ranked, I was able to melt them on either Holo or Scrapper. Since you're amongst the highest rank tier, you probably go against folks like Grimjack in NA often. For most of us down here, FA Cata isn't that great. Ele is a great class with a rather high skill floor so it should feel rewarding to play. Maybe increase elemental celerity CD from 60 to 100 sec? Since I don't like being associated with FOTM classes or elites, I've avoided playing Ele entirely. It was cool playing Ele when it was crap near rock bottom.
  5. You seem like a nice and considerate person for taking the deserter hit to save your teammates losing rank. Sucks when folks like you leave the game. I hope you come back. I take long and short breaks from this game but always come back to it even if for a few days. Like you, I also try to see the positive in all and maintain pleasantries with teammates and opponents for an enjoyable experience win or lose. This mode would have been perfect if anet did something to help retain casual yet competitive players that it lost.
  6. Whoa, I have the same philosophy...play for fun and laughter! You seem like a cool dude. I bet people surround you at parties when you share your colorful stories, videos and anecdotes while sipping champagne and consuming whatever you were "cooking" 🙊
  7. Correct, the bodies dropped from overheat. It made me happy seeing the bomb kit because I havent used it in a minute. Yes he used the bomb blast to activate stealth from field. Engie fun. Best engie memories were in the old skyhammer map 🥸
  8. Situational Irony is hard!!! I played a similar build where I just ran next to low HP opponents and blew myself up to make bodies drop. The hilarity that ensued were always priceless. Nice seeing some bomb action. The last time I played with bomb kits was when they healed tons from some trait for bombs exclusively, like 9yrs ago.
  9. Either give Cata double HP like the OP suggested or give the poor weak Cata 5 sec stealth. Thank you for your kind consideration.
  10. I love the elementalist and played it when it was near rock bottom. It's one of the very few classes I truly enjoy playing. Preface aside, it would be utterly hypocritical and disingenuous if I defended the current state of Cata. Burst glass playstyle should not have easy access to damage mitigation when it already has cc blindness, stuns, effortless aoe, high mobility. Im afraid to ask for a nerf because of the possibility of anet destroying the entire class. However, I think it is fair to request for buffing classes that can hard counter this Cata iteration.
  11. Dagger, how refreshing to see. were you chanting, "yall cant kill me" while bullying the FFA? For reals tho, glad this is working for ya. Keep it up.
  12. Geez, I never get random teammates like that who does most of the work. They went against a duo team too. Must be the build!
  13. It's gives us a new and different perspective on what works for others and it looks like he's doing well with it in WvW. This build can probably do well in 2v2 due to its cc and that window for bursting but yeah the main advantage of the build is the sustain. I played FA LR on both core and weaver before the update and find the tune-up on scepter well designed.
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