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  1. Yes I mentioned something along those lines in the past and my posts got deleted and forum access suspended. Company culture makes huge a impact on how the player base and prospective player base "tallies" your game and a culture of favoritism and nepotism just alienates the user base. It's creates an unfair environment where TOS is exempted to certain individuals yet enforced on everyone else.
  2. This is crass and hope it doesn't get deleted but we have this insider joke about "infusing" his face with Botox to minimize his tells. I suggested this terrible idea, it got good laughs but now he's actually considering it. Lol
  3. Texas Hold'em? MATH is where it's at. I used to play a lot at the $5-10 and no limit tables. Be proud. Not everyone is good at playing it. I have a friend who plays poker professionally and makes low to mid six figures doing something he loves.
  4. Hi Trevor - you offer great suggestions both here and other threads but I can't find a comment on here about advocating soloQ. Did I miss anyone's comment? I guess people were really curious about Chao's spending and what he does for a living.
  5. LULULULZ very nice thumbnail. It conveys a spammy message. So loud and colorful.
  6. I do both solo and duo. Solo when I just want to take my ease. Duo if I'm hyped. Sometimes, I Duo with super extreme ppl lol, discord a must, 1v1 a few rounds for warming up, lol. Good times tho.
  7. Also I wanted to add that the dozen or so, probably a little bit more, have multiple accounts. Some ranging between from 10 upto 30+. Outside of mats, those numbers can really affect the top250 leader board and yes there are individuals who are honest and competitive and want to climb up. Though they have made it, the multiple accounts are definitely a hindrance. I know a handful who have slowly crawled to the top 50 solo Qing during regular season but the final 24 hours of, they were pushed down more than a hundred places. I had free accounts that Solo Q'd to platinum in 30 game
  8. Im certain for a fact there are those who earned the gizmo/title legitimately and very much deserved but you're spot on, most PvPers dont really care about paid titles. Im sure there were a few months here and there when wintrading from the MATs were absent. Maybe no buyers. More than anything, from what imploded, the titles and gizmos have become a stigma/mark of disgrace. Now ppl are like, "ahh, you're one of those" - and not in a good way. I have nothing to hide but if you watched the videos posted on this forum, the ones by TP, Satan, etc...some of the win trader
  9. What we witnessed here is organic viral marketing... but the bad for the company kind. I compared the whistle blowing to FB and maybe he was inspired by what happened there. To get this kind of media coverage totally exposes the incompetence/laziness/fake-cool-one-of-boys-club of some Anet employees. The suggestions shared here will be hard to implement and I know most of you mean well but the developers have allowed this to linger for so long that there's not an easy fix/solution. Instead of handling the issue properly and EARLY, things just spiraled out of control.
  10. I agree 100%, plz nurrf bomb kit, rly OP, terruhryst build. I'm just in disbelief that the most oppressive engie build, the one you mentioned and I love playing, weren't the focus of the thread. This thread huge eye roll.
  11. I'll tell you one thing, Anet moderators "cared" enough that they deleted our comments on a certain thread. I think that was months ago before any of the beta classes were released. And yes you revealed some names. I agreed with some but the other name you mentioned, not so much. He's actually legit and gains nothing from win trading. It's true no one cares but it's blatantly irresponsible for the devs taking this long to take action. We know who the whistle blower is and he was probably inspired by the mess at FB. Glad he did it. Anet would never listen to the rest of the player b
  12. What's sick is that Anet employee(s) knew about this and gave certain individuals special treatment. This is not new. This is not a secret. I commented on a thread but it got deleted. It's just a group of greedy individuals who feel special, entitled and elite over a dying game mode. If you think about it, they are horribly clever to sell titles to people in need of an ego-boost. They found a niche market they can fool. On one of the threads, a dude sounded desperate for money. Then another guy proudly referred to himself as a dirtbag, or something like th
  13. Playing nice w/ Anet doesn't work. Exposing their negligence and incompetence does.
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