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[Art Dumpster Fire] Oh..OH hai!


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Hi Pixelationer here,

New forums = new thread. This is just going to be a continuation from my old thread where I post my Guild Wars 2 related artworks (and possibly future commission posts as well). So enjoy as it pops up occasionally in the discussions hahah.

P.S. I'm also open to critiques/feedback. Feel free to hit me up in the DMs if you're shy. Anything is appreciated =)

Guardian Ver. 02


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@Gaile Gray.6029 said:Wonderful! But Kyano -- I need to know more! What is his name? Is there a story in that evocative pose? I don't mean you have to write fan fic, but I sure feel intrigued by the lovely image.

Hey thanks Gaile =DTo answer yo questions. I guess I just wanted to draw the feeling of ambiance in this one but also making it look quite ethereal you could say. A faceless, unidentified anti-hero (probably sounds really edgy hahah) . Not much to say other than I chose Guild Wars 2 as the subject to practice painting armour; how to depict crazy, awesome armour designs in a few strokes and details as possible but still have the feeling of complexity.

@Myrdreth.6829 said:ah right, as if someone could find something wrong with that awesome picture! Nice work, I need to bookmark your thread! I wanna see more :)You're very kind hahah (but but I need the burns)! And keep your eyes peeled, more coming along the way in due time =)!

@Wintermute.5408 said:Since this is probably dragonhunter, I'd guess he is busy tracking some dragon. Small one :РA very smol dwagon but seems to need an epic moment before continuing hahah.

@Zietlogik.6208 said:the helm looks like the Phantom Hood, but sans the glowy eyes + grin, neatYep it's the Phantom Hood =) At times I wish it had no face but that's where art comes in. I'll draw it ='D

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@Gaile Gray.6029 actually, meaning of painting changed. It’s a guardian who is faceless only because it allows any person to project themselves easily into this character. No face? Let that be yours and be the guardian angel to someone or anybody. That hits deep to me.

(Is this going to bump up in the threads? Oh lawrdy...) definitely will post more art along the way. Same meaningful stuff? Maybe not? But similar or vaguely sures, I’m still working on it hahah.

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