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  1. For asuras I like Mini Old Tom or Mini Toxx the most because those Golems are the same height as my asuras :)https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Old_Tomhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Toxx For my human dragonhunter I love to use the Mini Svelicht Raven because it's shiny...and my whole dragonhunter is shiny xD They look good together.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Svelicht_the_Fog_Raven And for my human ranger I love to equip the Mini Jackal Mount together with the Jackal Pup Backpack. I like to pretend that I am raising a Jackal family :D I love to use the jackal mount and I wi
  2. I only play PvE. I love the dragonhunter(guardian) the most. I love to be able to use my greatsword and a longbow. The skills are fun to play and look really pretty(yes, that`s seriously one of the reasons why I love to play this class...silly, I know). Necro is fun too but I wish we could make the monsters you can summon look cuter. I am so superficial, sorry xD I wish I would understand the mesmer class. It looks like so much fun! I just can't get used to this class. But I love to play together with others who play mesmer, they are so useful! Portals <3 My least favorite class is reven
  3. I thought I would love the pet and buy it instantly...but sadly there's so much that annoys me :< You can't name your pet"That's my dog, that`s my dog, that's my dog!". Urgh!It's a novelty?! And it's on the same novelty slot as my halo...hell no, don`t do this to me, Anet!It doesn't always follow you, like in battles?? Why? D: They don't need to be useful, I don't want them to fight with me. But I want them to always be with me :< So I guess I am saving my gems for something else. It's a pity. I really thought I would like it and was so excited :<
  4. Chyannes answer is really helpful :) Personally I stopped playing GW2 too in the past(because of many reasons, but I also got a little bit bored of GW2) and started playing again after HoT was already released. Best decision ever. HoT is so much fun. At the beginning it can be really frustrating because the enemies are a lot more stronger than the ones in the core game. But after you understand how they fight and everything it's really fun. The maps are amazing, so much to explore! PoF is a lot of fun too. The maps are huge and the story gets a lot more interesting. And the mastery system
  5. Yeah, I think the same. Skins are enough. We don't need a race for awakened. Gimme a Skritt to play instead!
  6. THIS! God, I hate the yellow underwear...who thought yellow would look good?!
  7. Don't know what you're talking about. Most of the people I encounter ingame are really friendly and say hello and thank you. And who cares about the few that don't say those words? As long as we worked well together in a team, that's good enough for me. They don't need to thank me.
  8. Oh, you're right. Didn't see the effect at first....I am glad, now I am saving money haha.
  9. Find yourself a nice guild, that's the best advice I can give you. If you find a nice guild they will run with you those dungeons, and story instances and whatever you still need. :)
  10. My god, does it really matter? Let's get back to the topic: Are you all disappointed about the halloween event this year too or not?
  11. Don't know if that's true...but I opened a LOT of bags and didn't get a single valuable item. So I guess it's true? I didn't mind the scavenger hunt, but I was REALLY disappointed with the reward. Seriously, Anet? The rewards ingame get worse and worse it seems. Not only the AP, don't get me started on those. And like OP said, the rewards for ascent to madness etc. are terrible too. I didn't get a single tattered bat wing! But: I am happy that Anet listened and made the race a little bit easier so that we could use the other mounts instead of the beetle. Gosh, I hate the beetle. So thanks f
  12. Don't nerf the clock tower, BUT please: Let us play the clock tower jp solo without others players! The waiting time is the worst. And yeah, it's nice that Anet got rid of the Charr problem. But even the little blue spirits and the red name tags of the other players are distracting for me. Please please please let us enter the clock tower alone. edit: Oh, and I AM able to finish the JP. Got it 3 times for this year already. But because of the waiting time it wasn't really enjoyable and that's a pity. I think it's one of the best JP ingame. I love the design, I love the music, everything. I ju
  13. Yeah, same. And it would be really awesome if we could wield 2 torches. That aside...on which class makes wielding the torch the most fun? Until now I always ignored that weapon. Berserker works really well. I use it on my mirage too but mostly because the skin I have looks the biz @lifeshoutslive.4163 said: Yeah, same. And it would be really awesome if we could wield 2 torches. That aside...on which class makes wielding the torch the most fun? Until now I always ignored that weapon. I'm also gonna use it on my Mirage, alongside the Raven. Makes a nice ghostly look probably, gonna play ar
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