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Why can't I sell Eternity on TP?

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1 hour ago, GODh.3892 said:

I think it depends on how you crafted the Eternity...

Wiki: Eternity crafted from Memory of Sunrise and Memory of Twilight will be automatically bound to your Legendary Armory and can't be sold.

Source: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Eternity

Yeah that's what I did, I wish I could have read this info before.

Honestly I don't care about having this sword, right now I would gift Eternity to any random player if I could, I feel like I wasted thousands of gold for nothing.

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53 minutes ago, Linken.6345 said:

If the skins were privously unlocked how long ago was that?

Maybe you could ask for an account rollback if it was only afew days.

I had Twilight for a long time, but I bought Sunrise yesterday from bazar for 2200 gold aprox and inmediately crafted Eternity.
I typed the Anet staff and they told me they can't do nothing for me.

Legendary armory gave me so many headaches, first we can't swap weapons without getting sigils removed and now I find this surprise, I would never have expected to get an Eternity bounded to my account, that's the last thing on earth I wanted, phew...

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