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  1. I hope you are being ironic, not only this JP is horribly poorly designed but also it's practically impossible to complete without help as Taco, guides and mesmers, and even harder to complete for those like me that have a modest PC and in some parts we get low fps and get a bit laggy, I remain convinced that Anet made a serious mistake including it in the Achievements and nothing will make change my mind about that.
  2. With all my respects are you sure that you have not mistaken the topic discussion? I'm NOT telling is unfair that a player who plays much less than other can't get as much of the good things, that's the way it should be by logic and i think this game does it pretty well at it when it comes to the wealth system balance, and it's not even necessary to spend crazy amounts of time to earn a lot of gold if you know how to move in the right places like certain meta events or fractals, I crafted 3 legendaries myself in a year despite playing a modest number of hours because I researched deeply, i wat
  3. I have not really made this request for myself alone, I can honestly live without a legendary amulet and I was starting to assume it, and believe me I have tried YouTube guides and more and still after hours I am incapable and I haven't had any luck with the mesmers, but I speak representing many players, perhaps hundreds, who are unable to complete the puzzle, it should not be normal to resort exclusively to Mesmers or at least it's not my concept of a game accessible "for all players of any level", because in the case of legendary weapons for example there is more than one alternative, such
  4. You missed the point completely, I have 3 legendaries and I don't think I deserve any good reward without completing any content, can you interpret what you read?
  5. I know that there are harder JP in the game and that this game can be easy for many, but also many of us who play this game cannot afford to spend hours every day playing because we have a life outside, work, studies, etc. and we only play several hours a week, I am just saying that I find it unfair that the casual gamer who cannot afford to play 3 hours or more on a daily basis and doesn't have a great skill level has to give up certain items like the legendary amulet because it is not feasible for him/her to complete a JP of a difficulty that seems ridiculous to me. I bet that those like
  6. Please for mercy I beg you to delete that jumping puzzle achievement from Ember Bay map that is mandatory to complete the "Returning Champion" achievements, many of us simply do not have the skill level to complete a jumping puzzle of such extreme difficulty, right now I have given up after trying for hours and I am aware that this is the case for many more players apart from me, are we condemned to not get a legendary amulet just because we can't complete a JP? It seems unfair to me 😞
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