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Can we get a new PvP map?


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There has not been a new PvP map for 4 years (Djinn's dominion). 


There is no need to "create" anything since places in the new PvE maps released over the years could just be adapted. 


Take some place in Echovald Forest (1 map) and some place in Jade Sea (1 map), adapt it to make 3 nodes, slap some parallelism on it and kiting spots (no need to "create" here as the present pvp maps already include kiting spot  "blueprints" which could just be remodeled and retextured), a basic map mechanic inspired from those already in place, and voila.


At the very least, could we get ArenaNet's view on this? 


@Cal Cohen.3527 @Fire Attunement.9835 @Rubi Bayer.8493



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