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Transitionning from midgame to endgame, looking for advises

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So I'm somewhat "new to the game" but play a lot since I joined, about 6h a day for the last 5 months. I'm a completionist in most of the games I play, and so far with my necro I experienced about half T4 fractals (despite having only 60 as my fractal personal level), hit 25k dps as reaper on dummy, and 35 with harbringer (/27 if quick) in full ascended with both,  cleared w1/w4 once in a random training group in lfg, cleared every strike multiple times but boneskinner. I have no idea whether my situation averages me in "top50%" , 20%, 10, 1 ... , and try to group with socially nice people more than silent performers. I know I become toxic myself when I'm surrounded by people complaining or yelling all the time.

That being said, its getting more and more obvious I need to find a guild / more friends like myself, since I rarely get to experience the harder content with my nicer but casual friends, and end up using most of my time farming for stuff like Aurora / relics for Ad infinitum with T1 pug.
High end pugs are unreachable as they require the kp/li equivalent of raid FCs for months, and I'm not really in a good place to bargain as a dps (hence me trying quick too). The few guilds I tried so far either regroup all the new people with 1 or 2 people that know a boss, and its ends up a kittenshow because individuals arent as prepared / briefed before they show up ; or expect you to do everything perfectly on your first try, no inbetween ; and I can't really tell either if thats the norm or most endgame guilds.

Lastly I know I could reroll to have one of every appealing role : druid, hmech alac, chrono(tank), hfb/qfb, etc ; and I'm wondering if people that went through my experience could share whether that helped or not. I'm not a fan of rerolls per say but it beats not finding groups.

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If you want to get into Raiding or Strikes, or even T4 CM Fractals, look for a Training Guild first.  They can help you get your build and gearing lined up, as well as get you into a group that has equally prepared players, so you can learn these encounters and be successful.

You might need to change eSpec or Profession, and being flexible will help you out in the long run, but it isn't absolutely necessary.

In the meantime, you can watch training videos on YouTube for most instanced encounters.  Also you can check out Metabattle or Snowcrows (or other community sites) for build and rotation guides for your chosen profession.

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There's plenty of training guilds, you can find at least a few simply by following streamers like MightyTeapot. I'd advice gearing for two roles: one supportive and one DPS.

For the builds and gear, you can use Snowcrows to find the most optimal setup (Metabattle is always behind the curve) and learn the rotations. MukLuk has a ton of guide videos for every instanced encounter in the game, and they're all concise. 

3 hours ago, Taclism.2406 said:

and its ends up a kittenshow because individuals arent as prepared / briefed before they show up

Many guilds use a soft tier system on discord, where players group themselves based on their experience / skill level. If one's not in place, you can try and vouch for one.

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