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Earnable infusion request *spoilers*

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tagging @Fire Attunement.9835to hopefully get this spotted.

Any chance we could get the glowing white eyes/white armor edge effect from when we're in fully powered up Prismatic Champion mode, in the story chapter "The Only One", as an earnable cosmetic infusion the way there's an earnable Jormag infusion from Icebrood Saga? I'd absolutely LOVE to be able to pop that effect on and off so at times in openworld I can roleplay ALMIGHTY CHAMPION OF AURENE MUAHAHAHA when I feel like charging around like a boss.

Can we get it? Pretty please? *puppy eyes*

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3 minutes ago, erapago.4387 said:

And while we're at it, can we get a graphical setting to turn all player infusions off?

I'm guessing its hardcoded in such a way they can't do it, same w/ legendaries visuals & ground trails. I've seen 6+ years old demands for that feature, there's no good argument against it since its just an option (that would help vs visual noise, one of gw2's main problem) but its never addressed

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