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Cannot loot Gerent's Chest. Can't acquire Chak Eggs

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Every time I've done the Tangled Depths meta event, even on the first time per day, i've never been able to open the Gerent's Chest. It's never given me a prompt to open it. It's like it's already been opened, but I've never recieved the Hero's Choice chest. Ever.. I don't know if it's a bug, or I'm doing something wrong.

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Well if you are at one of the bosses killing it you have to dismount at the chest to get prompt to open.

If you are close to chest when last boss dies (and you helped kill one of the others) it will auto loot.

You can get chak eggs from the pods scattered around the map also.

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Typically, commanders will announce either on mapchat or squad messaging, to dismount for looting.


This goes for other events as well if certain things are not obvious. Pay attention to chats. There are always other players giving advice, tips, solutions, etc.

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