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Condi FB gear question


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Hello, I am following a meta build (not sure if that is right term) and it recommends viper, I currently am wearing 80 boosted gear, mostly celestial. One of the problems I am running into is if I am focused, I lose health and die fast. Pre firebrand, before I had any elite spec, I was able to use f1, f2, and f3 to prevent damage and stayed alive without too many issues. Now that I am firebrand, I am struggling to stay alive. Would switching up my gear make a difference, I saw someone mention trailblazer, but I also saw someone say that is a niche armor and not noob friendly. Any help would be appreciated. (I don't know how to link my build otherwise I would) Thanks again. 

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If you're playing DPS firebrand and follow an old guide they still have mantra of solace there probably. I would swap it out for receive the light or the signet of resolve. On the DPS build you can slot in "Advance" instead of signet of wrath to have added defenses as a substitute for using tome of courage. Celestial should be decently tank enough to not need anything more.

The only time you want mantra of solace is on a quickness build more or less after the removal of its aegis output and also in PVP/WVW only heals ~200.

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