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Mechanist WvW roaming montage

Alec B.8905

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For those interested in seeing some mechanist roaming gameplay. I have mad a fun montage showing off mechanist. Now mind you that I tried a plethora of builds and just generally overall I found that I lose a majority of fights playing this class in wvw. This goes to show that just because the class is overperforming in one section of the game(pvp) doesn't mean it translates to another. AKA you can't just point hold you have to kill things.


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On 3/30/2022 at 4:48 PM, UNOwen.7132 said:

Its a decap sidenoder in PvP. You dont win fights by killing the enemy, you just get them off the point repeatedly and cap them. Thats not useful in WvW, so neither is mechanist.

yeah I meant it as in wvw you don't hold points like you do in pvp so the strength it holds in pvp doesn't translate to wvw where you actually have to kill someone not contest a point.

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Yeah it's just not very good in WvW roaming, from my own personal experience the best things it can do is just annoy the living hell out of rangers and anyone that loves to spam projectiles. Since with the shield and alacrity you have a million ways to deal with them, along with the general engineer sustain.

You can't really do much aside from that though unless people just blindly run into you, at least that's how it felt to me.

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