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  1. Lmao what? Elese is strong in all 3 gamemodes. Its even debatably the single best roamer in WvW.
  2. I dont really mind the axe. Its an alright weapon. A bit basic, yes, but thats fine. I just wish we got an off-hand Axe as well.
  3. So, can we get Daring Dragon back then, if Unyielding Dragon isnt meant to be good in PvP anymore? Please? I miss that trait.
  4. Ngl, Im really annoyed that Daring Dragons fun playstyle is still gone. They ruined the trait for the sake of an alacrity build that no one uses. Just revert it please.
  5. If it is hitting for less, then my guess is that the malice stacks themselves were multiplicative. I.e. rather than it being 1+7*0.25=175%, it was 1.25^7=470%. But that doesnt really line up with the damage it was doing?
  6. Im talking in PvP, not PvE. In PvP the only reason you'd ever take it is if the damage bonus was relevant, when it just gave you an extra skill it was as unplayable as it is now.
  7. Oh sure, it was definitely overtuned. But at 10% its worthless. I was expecting them to nerf it down to 100%, that would probably make it a viable option without making it overtuned, but at +10%? Thats like 0.05 scaling damage. Thats so bad.
  8. He meant it went from +300% to +10%. Thats what they did to One in the Chamber and the trait as a result is completely unusable in PvP again.
  9. The 3k-3.5k are WITH a crit. Its a 1.2 scaling ability, you dont get 6k off of those. And no, they really dont? Deadeye typically uses a Sword/Dagger offhand, so their mobility for chases is pretty rough, youd have to burn a shadowstep and thats about it.
  10. How are you not able to outrun a Deadeye? Or for that matter, how are you getting hit by multiple 6k attacks? You spam skirmishing shot, but that does like 3k-3.5k, not 6k.
  11. Daring Dragon was super fun, I absolutely hate what they did to it. And I concurr, Lush Forest is absolutely the place to put it, its a trait that currently serves no purpose whatsoever and sees no play at all, and thematically is the most appropriate for it.
  12. Alright, first impressions: This doesnt really add much to thief. Rifle is as expected rubbish outside Deadeye, losing both the thing that makes the stealth attack any good and the traits that make the weapon itself good for no benefit I can notice. Staff is a PvE power weapon with most of its damage coming from autoattacks, meaning that both DE who facilitates spamming skills and Spectre, a condi-focused traitline, do not benefit from it. The only one that stands out as having potential is exactly Scepter, but without Rotveil venom and with the high initiative cost in PvP, Im not really seeing it being useful either.
  13. Good that it was nerfed, not good that it was gutted. Oh well, guess were back to never using it.
  14. The Deadeye thing wasnt a bug, that was just a buff they didnt think through that they nerfed. Its good that it was nerfed (though as expected they completely overshot it), but then whats the excuse for not hitting ele?
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