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  1. So, to get this straight, you want to take an underperforming spec, and just make it completely unplayable and the single worst spec the game has ever seen? What? Usually people hide their blind hatred for thief better. Also the reason people see no reason to kneel is because not only is it not strong, its incredibly weak. Actively terrible. Oh and that smokescreen? Costs a ton of initiative, so you can say goodbye to your escape with rifle 4 (not that htat one is good to begin with).
  2. Problem is you do Sic Em into Rapid Fire, and stealth does not break the targetting. And no, Soulbest isnt even at a quarter of the risk of being killed by the deadeye as vice versa. Deadeye has a lot lower survivability *and* a lot lower damage. Soulbeast can shrug off a lot of damage and still kill the DE in a rapid fire + 2 hits. Deadeyes only advantage is out of combat mobility. I.e., they can run away.
  3. Its a close one between the first and the second, but I gotta give it to Chrono Bunker. Chrono Bunker was just miserable to face, and games stalled out like no ones business. It also basically erased skill gaps because chrono bunker played itself. Cele Ele was worse for variety (because teams were 3-5 Cele Eles and the rest were maybe 1 thief maybe 1 random class (Dont even remember what it was) and no other option), but at least you played the game.
  4. I mean, whats the point in nerfing kneel when kneel is already worthless and the only thing you use rifle for is spamming skirmishers shot and trying to get (and fail to get) a DJ reset? I'd rather remove kneel entirely, rework DJ into something else, and make it focused on a mid-long range skirmisher rifle. Leave the killshot to Warriors, they can at least hit it sometimes.
  5. As annoying as DH is (in particular the pull ignoring evade which it really shouldnt), it never was the most oppressive class in any meta. Maybe a brief one when the traps were overtuned.
  6. Nope. Every class can replace their build with a slightly inferior one. But these thief builds all effectively played the same. Other classes have real variety. Engineer can sidenode, roam or teamfight a lot of the time. Warrior could do that too when it was good. Necro usually can do at least 2 of those 3 things. Thief is a pure one-trick pony.
  7. It had "multiple viable builds". You could Decap and +1 with D/P. Or Decap and +1 with the inferior S/P. Or Decap and +1 with the inferior S/D. Or Decap and +1 with the inferior P/D. You might notice something here. These are all the same build. You do literally the same thing, just worse.
  8. I'd start by making some of the mech skills worth a kitten. Jade Revolver is just bad doing less DPS than mech autos, Core Reactor Shot due to Anets *brilliant* idea of "lets make CC do no damage universally" is straight up unusable, and Sky Circus is clunky in terms of hitting anything.
  9. I imagine this will kill the current mechanist build. Its a decap build, and losing alacrity hurts a lot. Hopefully if it does, theyll rebuff it elsewhere (hey psst, Anet, make power mechanist good and make the active skills on the power line actually worth using).
  10. Saying that thief is strong while also pointing out it is not the second coming of D/D Cele Ele people here always seem to think it is is "defending thief"? Man you lot have weird definitions of words. Call me again when a 5 specter team reaches MAT finals, then your hyperbole might be true.
  11. Yeah, I'd agree with that. Do that and buff gunsaber massively, because rn its kitten.
  12. Its a decap sidenoder in PvP. You dont win fights by killing the enemy, you just get them off the point repeatedly and cap them. Thats not useful in WvW, so neither is mechanist.
  13. I'd say it wouldnt need to be gotten rid off, just make it only reload weapon skills, dragon trigger skills and armament skills. Oh and make armament skills not trash.
  14. I mean, wrong subforum, but Spellbreaker got no buff for WvW either.
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