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How the tengu could fit into the Zhaitan story as a new race.

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I'm a bit of a tengu advocate. From time to time, I'll observe tengu related posts. One things I see is people posting from time to time is about how the tengu couldn't fit into the Zhaitan story. I just want to make a statement that I feel this isn't true. They can fit into the Zhaitan story! First, I'd like to talk about their occupations outside of the wall.


Tengu Occupations

The most common jobs that the tengu take outside of their walls are the following:

  1. Merchant
  2. Messenger
  3. Scout
  4. Guard

Any one of these occupations could act as the character creation options for new tengu characters. Each one could lead to a series of events that familiarizes the tengu with the outside world. It wouldn't take too much imagination to create a story where a lone tengu helps secure the Dominion of Wind's trade route and gets permission to venture out into the world to do so.


Zhaitan's Minions in Magumma Jungle and the Sea of Sorrows

While the tengu feel safe and secure within their walls, they still need trade and information about the outside world. Zhaitan's minions are within Caledon Forest and have attacked Claw Island. Guess what is between those two zones? The Dominion of Winds. The tengu would want to gather information on such a naval threat. Bada bing bada boom! Zhaitan story ties and a motive to investigate them as an enemy.


Ireko Tradecamp and the Orders of Tyria

During the human storyline, the three orders of Tyria convince human characters to select a faction at Ireko Tradecamp. This is one of the few tengu camps outside of the walls within the game. Have merchant, messenger, and scout/guard tengu players branch into the Pact story chain here. Have the tengu leaders give expressed permission to join an order to act as a means to collect information on Zhaitan. Meet up with the orders at Ireko Tradecamp. The entire Zhaitan story is now within reach! From beyond this point, the developers can reuse most of the story provided by the Order of Whispers, the Durmand Priory, and the Vigil. The tengu players can then follow it until they slay Zhaitan. Commander tengu!

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How would you want to have your Tengu become familiar with Destiny's Edge? Each playable character has a connection with one of them as early as the level one instance.

And why would a Tengu be allowed to handle the Orders at Ireko Tradecamp, when that's a mission given by Queen Jenna to a human who has shown exceptional results in defending Kryta from local threats?

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 I want Tengu too but I see no reason to retroactively fit them into the story of previous expansions, especially now that the dragon story (and even the Dragon's Watch story) is over. Just give them a fast leveling experience and have them come into the current story. 

That said, if there ever was a time to introduce them, it was with EoD. So I'm not that optimistic.


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