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Add a queue option to join the commander in a different map instance in PvE

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As the title. I think it would help a lot, especially for a large squad led by a commander in PvE, to add the ability to queue to the map that the commander is in. Right now, we only have "Join in <map name>", but when the map is full or bottlenecks, You have to click on the "Ok" button of the dialog box, and do it again and again until you actually get into the map. I think that adding a queue option, such as "Enqueue in map", would really greatly help. I sometimes lead an entire 50-man squad and some people have to click hundreds of times just to get in the same map instance as I am in.


Just a thought

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One thing that people fail to realize about adding a queue is that others will do the same which could very well mean that you don't get into the instance when you could have by continuing to click to join.  If 20 people are trying to get into an instance, and only 10 slots become available, you're not going to get in unless you're one of the first 10 in queue.  Without a queue, everyone has a chance.

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