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Small SAB Suggestion : Changing Drooburt's reward


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Makes it so that this guy gives you a crimson token every 100 live token, rather than a decoration token. I can grind decoration from levels, or even trade em for 50 baubles. 
On the other hand, crimsons are limited to daily, and takes literal years playing every day the SAB is up to fill that collection

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Yeah. Would be way tooo easy since you can buy the continue coints with baubles - and then spam them at Drooburt to get the tokens. The tokens were meant to be limited. And Drooburt is mainly for the AP from repeating the achievement 5 times ... and as a dump for leftover resources you can't use in any other way.

They might consider changing it a bit and checking the prices of selling the continue coins (and using that baubles to buy a furniture coin). 100 are thousand baubles. And with those you could buy 40 furniture coints directly. If I have checked this correctly. (Just looked at the wiki now. And not ingame.)

A bag with random chance to get more might be better. (With the vendors being the safe option.)

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I guess, Drooburt might not be the perfect spot for such a change, and I noticed since posting this you can get 8 tokens in the kaiser bag. I just posted this because 6-8 years to complete it all still seems a bit excessive.
I dont really consider it'd be "too little" provided you'd need 1000 baubles per token (so 8x or 16x more for a crimson weapon) , considering you need over 1250 baubles bubbles (over 312k bubbles) to get every unlockable skin / mini / tape, beside crimsons skins
Farmable yes, "quickly" not really, unless you already filled every other collection

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