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What are the future intentions of scourge?


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Im wondering if any developers have made any further comments on this on if it has been decided to play a heavy support role or offensive support role.I couldn't help but notice the only new rune missing is "Rune of the Scourge" This leads me to believe that the nature of its true intent has not yet been settled upon.

While im not a huge scourge fan but.... I do want to hear what the plans are for its future and if its going to be another 4 - 6 more months more or less before another balance rolls out that will fix it. So im just wondering if one of you can maybe shed some light on the topic. Can we possibly expect to see a change of core traits to necro removing some support from it only to add it back into scourge to make it that true heavy support? Is anything in the works for it? Right now it seems to be a very unfinished elite spec that does not have a true place. Yes some people are making it work that said your intentions behind this spec have been some what unclear to us.

People loved it due to a bug that was causing it to over perform now that the bug has been fixed it seems good to some and bad to what seems like the majority others. If it was bugged in your hands through what we can assume all or the majority of its development are you planning to completely rework it? Is there a team handling retesting what could potentially happen for its future?

Your recent patch provided the necro community with 0 answers on scourge after you all clearly said that you had some plans to add power back into the spec in some way or another. While i will admit im extremely happy that you all went back and touched up some core necro traits as well and a making reaper a hard hitter like it truly should have been we are still missing vital information. As far as we know scourge was bug fixed but im not sure how something can be released for 3-4 weeks and then get fixed bet labeled as suddenly "Working as intended."
What is "intended" if the bug made it to release then that far after release and was possibly bugged all through development.

So some insight would be nice. Im hoping one of you can answer this for us.

That said i want to leave the balance chatter out of this. Just a request for some insight.

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