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  1. But it contains enough for them to buy it? Some people may have had the criteria of "I'm not buying unless it contains fishing?" Same for elite specs. I am sure people are holding off buying until their spec is there since for them that is their purchase / pre-order criteria. Same again for "A mount I can share with my friends." You are making it sound like Anet are letting people buy without showing anything at all. But this just ignores the fact of the things they they did show and how they do appeal to people, just not to you. Some people may
  2. On this point I believe they have said , now there are 3v3v3 for classes, they would rather do elite specs. I'm sure it's been touched on by someone else in one of these threads. I would say most things you can do with a new class you can do with an elite spec .
  3. Part of me feels that if they had something bigger to show and went with that and said "there are some other more minor things we will go more into detail about closer to release" there would be a group that would be complaining "why did you show the big things?! Why not the small and use the bigger ones to build hype?! You've showned me the big sellers and now I have to wait and by the time it gets to it I won't be excited anymore".
  4. I don't see why you wouldn't. Due the source being the official EoD first look stream by Anet there is no doubt that necro is getting pistol. They literally did confirm it... Unless you're willing to tell me that isn't the poster child asura necro and the weapons they are using isn't a pistol.
  5. Spec art from the reveal stream. https://imgur.com/iiU4upe Chat thread about it literally right after it got shown There isn't much more speculation about the weapons since we know we're getting pistol. And before you say it could be another class not only are the colours on point but since core, necro and all its elite specs have been represented by an asura.
  6. Why would the icon for necro be two swords when we pretty much know its getting pistol?
  7. You will just be getting the numbers from a minority, the people who vote, of a minority, those who care about the topic, of a minority, those who come to the forum. You won't really get anything quantifiable or at a level that would represent "the community". Just interaction from the same passionate people either side of the debate. "Easy or hard to get, special skins or not, all of that is immateria" If you ignore the details then everything can see like a good , easy, must do idea that "the community" wants and that "there is no reason not to implemen
  8. You're curiosity couldn't be satisfied by the literal dozens of threads, including a very recent one, on this very topic?
  9. I'm looking forward to the CMs having some form of unique rewards and then people complaining they are too hard and it's unfair they can't get said reward doing non-CM.
  10. My guess would be hybrid since axe and sceptre have everything else covered
  11. Apparently so. I mean its obvious really when you consider the colour and how every single nerco espec has been an asura. Now I'm a curious as to how its going to differ from axe and sceptre
  12. The answer to this question , according to this forum, is always yes. And, I can't remember who said it but, the answer to "when was the meta good" is always: At some point then, but not now.
  13. Sounds more like a way to judge and discredit based on what class someone plays and using that to put words in their mouths, inferring what the reason for what they are saying instead of what the actual reason may be. "Of course you would say that, X main" ,"you don't even play the class, you have no idea what you are on about", or a forum classic "look at X main trying to defend their broken class lolol". It would do nothing but detract from conversation. Plus you haven't given a real reason besides "other games have it" and pretty much "it would let me j
  14. I really thought it was common knowledge that pulsing stab is one of the worst things to use against necromancers. Its one way to guarantee you either stay feared or waste other cooldowns breaking the fear you pretty much caused on yourself.
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