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  1. Fascinating how quickly some people frustrate when people don't just immediately agree with their idea.
  2. Because people spent the best part of 5 years talking about it constantly. Threads would go on for weeks / months and when it was closed another one would pop up ~2 weeks later.
  3. It's not very difficult to see how a) this could make the problem worse or b) just cause less people to play.
  4. The name ranger suggests a ranger not an archer. Rangers use a variety of weapons, melee and ranged
  5. Because to some the game is fundamentally broken the second there is something that they want that they, for whatever the reason may be, can't get and thus needs to be fixed.
  6. I thought this thread would have been about key binds and in game setting...instead I see that it has well and truly "run it's course".
  7. Andy do things the community have asked for all the time. They aren't ignoring the community, they are ignoring you. It's easy to see why. " Fire everyone", " redesign the entire game", "why are you doing something I don't like?! Can't believe you hate all your players..." Your posts are overwhelmingly sensational, offer no actual constructive feedback, are incredibly trollish, and do nothing to really further discussions besides pad the post count.
  8. The need to read a post in full is trumped by the need to be angry at something. It's easier to cut-quote a post to fit the narrative and attempt to discredit someone that read it in full, understand it's nuance and respond. On the whole nothing you stated is really incorrect. The number of cVirt I've seen game mode wide pales in comparison to the number of pMech at it's peak.
  9. I would say mostly due to the number of skill granted due to the dual skill mechanic on thief and how they have gotten flack each elite spec release when a class has gotten only an offhand.
  10. The best thing about player housing will be all the complaint threads on the forum about just how heavily monitored it would be.
  11. The only immediate thing that would happen would be your pull request being denied and your position within the company being revoked due to your inability to follow the tickets you've been assigned as they would likely be things you personally disagree with. Your job wouldn't be to make decisions, thankfully.
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