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Thousand Island Pavilion Pass Heart of Maguuma

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Am I missing it or does the Portal to Tyria in the Thousand Island Pavilion not give access to fishing spots in the Heart of Maguuma?

Isn't one of the big selling points of the Pass is access to fishing spots across the World Map? Leaving out a whole section of the Map seems like silly oversight.

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i don't think there's enough open water for fishing spots in HoT maps, but i could be mistaken. there's fishing pools in the guild halls (lost precipice and gilded hollow), but the places that maybe might have fishing pools in the proper maps would be limited to :


verdant brink (i think there's no standing water)

auric basin (there's a pool on the NE area that you visit during the north pre-meta events.)

tangled depths (there's a few entrances to the underground water tunnels)

dragon's stand (if it's shallow water, if i'm thinking right, is the poison area near the first waypoint in center lane.)


and i don't think any of those places is deep enough except for the tangled depths tunnel entrances, but there's probably not enough room for skiffs...


EDIT: took a look at the wiki, and so far, the only HoT fishing holes listed are in the guild halls.

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I found this frustrating too, but there's a loophole: even though Ember Bay is listed under Ring of Fire, mechanically the game considers it part of the Heart of Maguuma. You can't get to any other HoT maps from it, but you can at least use it for fishing/gathering dailies.

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