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Super laggy, but not disconnecting

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Since about Friday ive been sitting at +100ms over my usual ping and then some. I normally float between 250 and 350, now im sitting between 400ms and 4,466ms. (im on 4g wireless)

Higher ping seems to happen with more people close by.


Solo im on the 350+, Teq im over 4,000

I dont disconnect, but i do freeze, then get everyone speeding around doing their thing till i catch up.

Sometimes i DONT get the time lapse, i see everyone else doing their thing, but i cant use any skills.


pingplotter gives me this (this was the start of a Teq map, so only a few people about, but it shows things go pear shaped by hop 9




I cant fix this, and it seems its not? my ISP but a hand off between them and the US?


Would a VPN do anything for me? i see nord is like $80aus for 2 years

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hi, we have same experience. if only happen during event i think its congestion at your network. if you using wifi. you can fix it by changing the channel that cant conflict to your neighbors wifi(you need to know what channel is using of your neighbors).. try search it to google on how to change channel or how to choose best channel to your wifi. and also choosing channel that dont have dfs. im not an expert at networking but someone told me that and that fix my problem. hope that helps.

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Server lag from Guild Wars 2 is obscene during things like Soo Wan fight. and bad in many others.    It is not likely your internet host,  but back at  where their server is calculating the result of your clicks.  It's calculation delay shows up as delay on your end, even with perfect ping.   Ping only bounces off the server's front door, so measures there and back time of your internet.    It can never be faster than the speed of light to and from you to the server (about 5.3 milleseconds per 1000 miles) plus some hops on each end from your computer to the backbone, and from the backbone to their server at a  1-2 milleseconds each.     A very good ping would be 50 milleseconds  (.05 seconds) and average would be 100 ms.    The rest is the time the server takes to calculate the result of your key click and send it back to you.  

The server has too many players on it for that fight load,  so it just timeshares with each one, rather than drop some off. 

   You won't notice clicking a damage skill key and it not showing up as damage,  because you can't keep track on the screen.   However, movement keys that don't respond show up, because you move in jerks,  and other people  will jerk because you don't get every move of them from the server,  just a string with missing moves.

Some lag is so obvious you can't miss it.   I spend 2 or 3 clicks, a few seconds apart,  trying to get back on the circulating waypoint that you go to recover from death from the many one-shots from full health death's in that fight.  (with a full ascended character).     You know when for the 2nd one, you carefully did a full click squarely on the waypoint and nothing happened, they've started skipping inputs and you got skipped.   Not delayed,  skipped.   

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Yeah i didnt think im the only one. In guild chat there is always someone asking 'Are you laggy?' and most replies have been nope.....


But speak of the devil


I got disconnected about 20 mins ago just sitting on a map 40 mins early for Ley line.


I logged straight back in and im sitting pretty on 242 ping, which is pretty much my sweet spot. It going to watch it as the map fills up though


And to answer questions- yeah no other game lags, BUT some sites leeching from imgur have had the images take ages to load, (but i have 5 different script blockers/cookie blockers etc ..on this browser , normally its because sites have tried to force ads again, but load fine on another browser so probably not related)


Skills not working is easy to see. the icon flashes with that "im being used' flash. only that goes for like 40 seconds instead of 1 or 2.


And i dont think ive been skipped. Clicking a WP after ive died while lagging out ALWAYS comes up, just like 40-120 seconds later. But i certainly cant rule that out.


As for sharing internet, all the houses around me are NBN wired. im the only house is my area that is in the 'too hard or didnt know your house existed' basket so im on wireless, most other people will be using a wired connection, but again, its possible.


I think there is some crap wire in the infrustructure somewhere where my traffic is being handed over. The fact that im not being disconnected is both awesome (if i get at least 1 hit on the boss) and really frustrating

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ah i see.. the one that we experienced is  called rubberbanding i think... after you click/press the skills, the icon has an animation but your character is not doing it. but after a seconds of 30 or a minute it will execute and your animation is like fast forward and still attacking after event is done right?. yeah i experienced it. and thats the only fix that work for me.

i think you need a wired connection to solve that problem. im a wireless  connection user but since then i never experience that again.

even if they are all wired connection some router/modem is enable wifi settings right? it can cause interference to your network. try to  check it by typing at cmd this:

netsh wlan show all

if your neighbor channel is 1, you need to set your channel to 4 . and make sure no one is using channel 2,3,5,6. 

or switch to 5g. 

hope that helps and fix yours too.




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