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You should be able to choose which foot falls you want!

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So I have been playing for around 4 years now, and made A LOT of legendary weapons/other. I was shocked to find out when I got my first two weapons years ago that you cant choose if you want the offhand footfalls. I recently made Aurene's warhorn and I use Claw of Khan-Ur as my main hand. Obviously Aurene foot falls are wayyy better than the brown charr foot prints. I wish SO BADLY they could make something where you get to choose which foot falls you want even if its an offhand. Would be even cooler if one foot did one and the other did the offhand ones. I wonder if it would be possible to make a toggle button for it. Anyone else agree??!?!?!?

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Why just choosing between main and off-hand? Just make it a new category for the wardrobe (along with one for the new "on kill" animations as well as subcategories for projectile animations). Furthermore trinkets should also get this treatment as there are probably many people who would like to use e.g. the Saga's End Draconic Core visuals on their Aurora / Vision if they could.

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