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  1. Lol fair enough. Mind you, I wouldn't mind having some purple-ish spots on my charr pattern.
  2. I read that, and I thought it was generous of you to look at the overall picture. The details kind of ruin any suggestions, along with novella length paragraphs. The visual clutter is certainly a factor. I'll second this. No one wants this except OP, it sounds absolutely dreadful and nothing fun about it. Like a nasty practical joke that only the perpetrator finds funny.
  3. I'd prefer they keep the colors more natural (?) for lack of a better word. As cute as the Pink Panther would be, I would rather not have a full body of bubblegum fur. I suspect with some the infusions one could probably make it green enough.
  4. Marketing is a valid point. Social media presence is reasonable. But paying Anet staff to create memes and sing songs or watering down content so Twitch viewers can understand a game, no.
  5. I currently have this error, hopefully it will resolve itself. Haven't tried directly from the website, not that important. Odd little error when nothing has changed on my end.
  6. Coffee didn't help. OP, switch to decaf.
  7. Hold on, I'm going to need coffee to read this....
  8. I agree, I like the colors, not overly fond of the plastic design. I guess if you have a character they work for?
  9. I have enough raptors, a stegosaurus would be cool. An ankylo might make more sense for a siege turtle skin, but my inner child loves stegosaurus.
  10. After the first year where it took me forever to get my timing right, I now thoroughly enjoy the pinata adventure. It's fast, doesn't take a lot of time, and I like to see if I can add one more pinata to my score every year.
  11. You get that from resting in a chair for five minutes too., which they added to balance out that issue.
  12. Don't hesitate to call out on map chat. Since the beginning of this post I have joined two different players who asked for help on it. You might be surprised how many arrive.
  13. I enjoy the collections and achievements, gives me reasons to revisit areas. I purposefully go for some of the skins. It's subjective as to what each person enjoys. I'm still crafting different map weapon sets for collections, even though I have legendaries. It's fun. I really hope people aren't fantasizing and building up too much about player housing. I wouldn't expect much other than maybe finally a bookshelf and some things to add to it from achievements. Don't set yourself up for disappointment.
  14. I'd be happy if they put in the text in a different color for npc whispers.
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