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  1. Southsun survival exists already, and a firm no on any additional battle royale.
  2. Also I wouldn't mind if they had a all-in-one gobbler. So like you have season 3 and 4 portal scroll times, where you add each scroll to it as not to take up several slots, have a gobbler that you can add each of them to. From there, you could do the consume all feature.
  3. That could be handy, I could see it, like a consume all button that stacks have for food, just apply it to a gobbler.
  4. Presume it's so no one accidentally hits that and then is mad because it ate all their bloodstone dust and dragonstone ore when they meant to just consume one type. Can't say I'd like an animation but a consume all button is interesting.
  5. Or just the people who converted in game gold to gems, racked up achievements, and saved enough to buy gems....the working Tyrian, not the one percent 😉 Unfortunately some are running old potatoes or have internet issues, but frankly that limits game play on many, many newer games.
  6. Some of you must be fun at birthdays and holidays. Good, saves on wrapping paper.
  7. Probably intermission for holidays, anniversary. Gives some people time to catch up if they've missed out.
  8. I really like this, and it's how I think of it as well. If you're behind in the collection, it's not hard to catch up, and there are many players doing the same. I feel like a lot of players just want it all handed to them, but that's part of an mmo and certainly not the hardest or grindiest in game world. Do it, get it done, fly around, and have fun OP.
  9. The activity is a mini game. You can find it in Lion's Arch at the Grand Piazza, you should see a little crossed flag icon on your map, talk to Cassi and she will send you to the mini game.
  10. I still find that less annoying than a symphony of Dreamer legendaries neighing in a deranged stampede. Bannable, no. Obnoxious and inconsiderate and in the world with troll boxes and portals, yep. Lol I like the idea of teaching them some songs instead of the one key toddler playing. Turn them all off, save your sanity.
  11. Go to options and turn off other players' unique item sounds.
  12. Please consider talking to a therapist, you might find it helps a lot. The game is not your identity, it's a hobby. Finding a partner is not a solution, as you seen to be doubting your self worth. Being out of work and then not being able to enjoy your hobbies takes an emotional toll. But you are not this moment, not these things. Find your footing, regain your confidence, you're a beautiful and worthwhile person and you will have a lot of happiness ahead. We've all been there and we go through it periodically in life. You're reaching on on forums, and that's ok, but also ta
  13. Also a racist, with European bias, so while his philosophy may be of interest and influence, not necessarily the most objective on beauty. Also forums aren't really the place for it. And yes, tests have been done with babies to see what faces they find interesting, often it's symmetrical ones. Does this mean that babies think those are the most beautiful? Hardly. They like their parents too, even if they look like under the bridge trolls. They eat off the floor. Perhaps not the best gauge of human beauty. Meanwhile, back in Tyria...some of you out there definitely have some e
  14. Otter themed guild decorations would be a great use for them, good suggestion. Have a stack of those forming from Drizzlewood as well as WvW reward track, please take my otters.
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