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  1. I had a good laugh at this...see the dream lives on. Trees...tiny future decorations, Anet. Also some tinsel and lights would be handy.
  2. Lol no I didn't use the search feature, looks like you beat me to it 😁
  3. The random skritt option would be nice, the bonus is clever. Picking the least, the asura option, would be interesting just to fill my inventory. Lol definitely agree on increasing the rewards, we all know the nodes and contracts aren't exactly paying for the themselves, but the extras they produce are handy.
  4. Yes, I want wintery trees. I'd even go for some with icicles or lights on them. Good suggestion.
  5. For those out there who enjoy festive guild halls, what new decorations would you like to see? I'd like some mini snow people like what you build to fight Toxx.
  6. Strike missions and as part of the Return to seasons, so the wiki is correct for the usual method of obtaining them.
  7. Hope you find what is fun and appealing to you in game, many good suggestions and posts here. Best wishes for you irl and in Tyria.
  8. Curious what part appealed to you enough to buy the game?
  9. Go to a bank and look at the wardrobe tab. From there you can see all the looks, even those your profession may not be able to wear or use.
  10. Yet you've identified a problem and have not suggested a solution, other than to say the game is picking on you by "actively preventing me from playing its content". You posted on a forum for other players for their perspectives and thoughts; you just show that you have no idea how any of this works. People give feedback and it's up to you on where to go from there. Cheers and better luck with finding a favorable map!
  11. You shouldn't be but unfortunately some things are not instant gratification. Sometimes it's hard to get into groups for holidays, sometimes for the queue in WvW when bonus events are going. It's a weird map with the north and south metas going, but to reply to your original post LFG works fine....people leave up full groups or the one you want isn't available.... sometimes maps are just full. Since you don't like the suggestions of just be patient, keep trying, or make your own group, what improvement would you like that would make this perfect for you at the time of day you play? Wh
  12. Log off, get something to eat and drink, walk away for a she, get some fresh air. Then come back, check again. If no groups that you can join, post your own. Otherwise try during more peak hours.
  13. You are not capable of, you are not willing to, or unable to due to technical difficulties? With the Return to going on currently, the maps are quite active. Most you can drop in on and find a group going or ample people to start up one. Pop a mentor or commander tag. I have not encountered any issues joining groups in LFG tool. Are the maps full that you are attempting to join? Then tell the group, and maybe they'll remove it from LFG.
  14. I suppose it depends on what you value and how you like to spend your time. Farming gold can be a goal, an achievement for a title can be a goal, converting gold to gems, earning a particular skin through achievements, etc. I don't feel any of it is suboptimal, more about what do you value. Not everything can be purchased, not everything can be found in the gem store or trade post... perhaps things you value are. So you grind out gold and buy a stack of ore instead of farming it....so what? So no, it does not affect how I play. If I find something interesting to do, then I do it. I
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