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"Warrior is just a profession that has almost always had a place somewhere, in every gamemode"


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Reading some comments on this old Reddit thread from 2017 about opinions on the Warrior profession. It's crazy how much the state of the game has changed since then - Warrior used to be a cornerstone PvE group support with Banners and Phalanx Strength. Nowadays whatever boons a profession doesn't supply itself with are kitten out in 25s by half the classes. We're sharing the bottom of the PvP barrel with Mesmers (except they had more MAT representation). The only people still playing this class are basically diehards that refuse to move on to the 8 other classes that do everything we do better and more easily.

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Warrior is wierd. 

It saw crazy amounts of play in core Wvw, then the Traitsystem and Stab changed and warrior got completely removed from the game. 

Then HoT happened and Berzerker was only playable in Raids basically. 

Still unplayable in Wvw aside from a gimmick that will never kill someone twice. 

Then PoF came. Hurray! Warrior is still kitten but hey, here have this one single skill that's mandatory now for Wvw fights to end. 

Don't worry about the fact that this skill deals with a problem we created in the first place. 

Now EoD and Anet thought "Let's delete Warrior again 🤣". 


And overall now. 

Core is none existend.

Berzerker is a support Spec somehow. 

Spellbreaker, the pvp spec sucks kitten in PvP, got deleted from WvW and is just a OW spec now. 

Bladesworn has no reason to exist. Nothing will ever change that. 


All Warrior is now is Banners. That's all that's left. And I bet they gonna kitten this up too in the next patch. 

I'm tired. 😞

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always had a place somewhere forced, by banner and bubble while rest of the kits are undesirable and old

without banner warrior is instantly deleted from pve

and without bubble warrior is instantly deleted from wvw


they can not make the class viable/fun/versatile so they put this one skill that make at least one forced build in the mode so they can claim warrior is fine.


imagine now they think warrior is least played, because it is forced to banner/bubble(bubble nerfed recently, banner change in 1 month)

without realizing, the entire class is bad..and banner bubble really..is just the only reason for anyone to play it.

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