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Petition to make this cornerstone gamemode fun


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Can't believe this is first result for "corner-stone game mode" on google. I couldn't help but laugh. Anet continues to stomp the legacy of what was once a great series into the ground. Once upon a time I was playing the greatest game ever (GW1) in the greatest mode ever (Alliance battles) and now we get 5 years of strung along into WvW is canceled. Sheesh ANET, just die already if you're really trying so hard to.

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17 hours ago, XenesisII.1540 said:

Hasn't been fun since they turned it into a "cornerstone".

Let's see what new and delightful ways they will add "fun" to the cornerstone with their "balance" patch tomorrow.

You wrote "fun" and "balance" but for some reason i keep on reading "disaster" and "idiotic".

Dunno why...

I must suffer from dyslexia or something! 

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