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  1. Should have nerfed it even more. Time to learn to dodge, boonballers. Although in reality ppl will just bring more guards 🤡
  2. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAg2lZwyYasL2JOqL6nVA-zxIY1ohBAA-e Absolute banger of a duelist, mediocre in everything else, guess you could swap fire for water so you can share auras with allies. The only defining trait really is the signet one in earth, so theres plenty of things to try with it. Very fun build.
  3. Still no videos of these no cooldowns/invencible/super dmg/hybrid skills hax. Teleport and speed hacks have always existed though
  4. Oh yeah, its too easy for solo, disorganized players do dmg to boonballs. Just need to go through 5 scrapper domes, a bazillion stab stacks from guards, and you cant play condi builds too, cause that feeds them boons by scrapper conversion. Really easy man, those poor zerglins!
  5. I dont know man, I dont wanna be rude but you dont seem to be familiar even with your own class mechanics, you called rocket boots "jet boots", doesnt seem to understand what the resistance boon is, if you cant post the players name and guild here please send me it in private. But this post just screams learn to play issue. Also engi with 2 rocket boots + signet blink + rifle 5 isnt the fastest build in the game by far, its totally doable for many builds to chase you down.
  6. It has been said many many times but here we go again... Death match seasons allow only two types of builds to shine, supports and dps. Mobility is useless, not much thought needed into where to go, just roll your face over the keyboard with your necro/guard build.
  7. WvW chief of police Julian is radio silent because he is hatching a plan to catch wvw's most wanted criminal: Indo.
  8. When I login by the night (like most mag do) we have enough people to retake the map. So its just a normal day.
  9. We were seriously outnumbered last night by both by bg with koin+rawr+ehug nuthug and db with vip+pugs. We had a TIE tag with maybe 15 ppl tops in squad, rest was the cloud doing their thing. They were still getting farmed by turns as they tried to split us so one could cap smc, but they are so bad at boonballing and we wiped them so fast that there was no need to split to fight those groups, legit bagfest. Thanks BG and DB for the fights last night! Do it again tonight!
  10. The reward is the fun you get playing minstrel scrapper and fb! Oh so much fun! Aren't you having fun?
  11. It was already the trait used in the meta spvp build, so its a free buff. In a patch so bad like this Im just glad we weren't nerfed tbh, and its actually pretty good paired with Brutality, makes fighting willbenders easier.
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