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Anet: can we please address the F1 on willbender? (Rushing justice)


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What i'm talkin about is how it acts if u lose a target and that it goes abit too far forward than needed even if u have a target and also if target hitbox is weird than it will dash into it in a weird way too. A good skill to compare it with would be #2sword. Take sabetha flamewall phase for example. If you use sword #2 behind sabetha it's alright, you won't go too far and you wont get hit by flamewall. But if you use F1.. you'll dash wayyyy too forward through sabetha and in front of her and u'll kill urself. I usually switch to cfb on sabetha for that reason.

Another point is that let's say you're burning boss in HT. And it's about 2% health left. And you do your rotation and suddenly you use F1 just as the boss dies. You'll dash forward anyway but since your target is gone you'll throw yourself off of platform. Or take any mob/boss that quickly goes into stealth. Twin Largos let's say. You'll briefly lose target while using F1 and again throw yourself off the platform or dash into something you weren't supposed to (aoes..).

In this case it would be better to make it act just like sword #2. If you dont have a target or you briefly lose it - you wont dash forward, you'll only use F1 in place just like Sword#2 symbol does. Basically if u have no target you wont dash into it you'll just use it in place and still have benefit of activating the "passive" effect of Justice.

It could be such a good fix that it would really help alot. I cant count how many times i lost the target (let's say on largos it goes into stealth for a brief moment) and i just dashed forward and killed myself with this skill. I've been wanting to create this for quite some time now but i was expecting maybe balance patch will address this issue. I really hope something can be done about this.

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I understand how this suggestion is good in pve but for pvp using f1 without a target and still getting the dash is important for mobility and for disengage. Removing the dash if no target would be a mobility nerf for wb in pvp.

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5 hours ago, Kuya.6495 said:

I understand how this suggestion is good in pve but for pvp using f1 without a target and still getting the dash is important for mobility and for disengage. Removing the dash if no target would be a mobility nerf for wb in pvp.

Yeah i understand completely. But it's just one of the options. Other option would be just to change how it executes the dash+punch mechanic. For example. If your target is near let's say 180-300 range you skip the dash part and do the punch only. You could increase the actual punch reach/range and you could negate the dash part easier. If you're further away u do the dash also. For some reason it works almost perfectly in training area on golems. It doesn't dash at all and just performs a punch if you're near enough. But for other bosses/mobs (i assume its something to do with how hitboxes are made) you still dash even if you're very close. It's just something about that 2in1 (dash+punch). Not only it feels clunky and locks you in place but also you just dash too far into and through the boss. Maybe something like that would be a good compromise. Of course it would still be risky for pve cuz u still dash forward if you lose your target. But atleast it wouldnt be as risky if you just make sure you have target or you can anticipate when your target will go to stealth/teleport . Not the best solution for pve but oh well. 

And ofcz the laziest option would be to just split it between pvp/wvw/pve. And make pve variant just like sword#2. 

Other option would be (for condi build) to still inflict burning without the Rushing Justice passive. Cuz now condi builds major portion of damage comes from activating F1 and doing as many hits as possible during that window. U basically have to keep your F1 on cooldown and constantly use it for condi damage. If we could keep inflicting burning (just like FB) we could just not use F1 at all in risky situations. But i guess it would be too strong to give willbender their passives back. Something else would have to be nerfed if devs would do that.

Bosses i can think of are Sabetha, Twin Largos, Soo-Won. I wonder how many ppl yeeted themselves off the Soo Won platorm with this skill 😂

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