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Specter syphon skill?


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Probably get laughed at or confused but how do you actually target a person in a crowd when you go into shroud and get a syphon on someone.. How do you pick which person gets it, or is it just random.. if so thats pretty pointless?


Also occasionally i get no syphon on anyone is that my error or a bug??


Am i missing something?

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You have to manually select your target. I do this prior to the game starts (in PvP) where I select the one I know will need it the most and whom I will be fighting with the most. I set that person as personal target and set up a keybind to swap between friendly targets.

The one you have targeted will get siphoned. That said: 9/10 times you would want to siphon an enemy for the trickery bonuses (stealing boons and giving boons to yourself and your allies).

As for shroud and the tether it applies: The last person you siphoned will be targeted by this tether. If that person isn't within range it will select one ally at random.

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