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  1. Yes usually about a year or so.. Play for about 2-3 months then i'm gone again.. There is so little open world content i give up. Currently on a break now haven't logged in since relics were shown.. i'll probably come back at the final release of Soto.. But honestly it looks a mess at this time so who knows..
  2. This is why lemming farm loot trains are a bad design and devs need to stop, we need content that people can progress for the life time of the game. Not these things. At least scale it with smaller numbers.
  3. Waste of code.. They said it was to fix the stats not being used and they add another type of exactly the same mechanics.. Pointless, just as bias as the last design and even more limited.
  4. I assume Soto never really made the gaming scene as its very small and obscure so the large gaming outlets never even bothered, coupled with the fact its going to be a year or so to actually finish it..
  5. I gave up on fishing when it was released, its chore and tedious.. Recreational Fishing is about casual meditation, not whatever guildwars 2 thinks it is.. After reading that i'm glad i passed on it.
  6. You know your game is busted when normal players consider afk farming as a legit option, to gain items and currency.
  7. I wondered what FOMO was as well.. well at 50yrs old the fear of missing out is far gone from me.. Nothing in gaming is there anything really worth logging in daily to get.
  8. I like the ones you either stand on or sit.. the hanging ones seem to be less effective.
  9. Yeah i never understood the appeal.. I tried them a few times and its really repetitive and pointless mostly solo. I still to this day never got the Tyrian masteries there.
  10. I was never interested in Aion.. or most of any other mmorpgs.. i tried hundreds and they were all the same.. i to this day think Ascended was a mistake and account locking them was stupid. Legendary are pretty non factor but again ridiculous wastes of time effort and in game currency..
  11. At least it was better than what we have today.. People as a whole didn't care about any of that at release, they were enjoying Tyria as a game. It just went down hill after Southsun and fractals (around that time)..
  12. What i want was what got me into Guildwars to start with.. At best more Guildwars 1 style gaming.. multiclassing and better game play. At worst Tyria style gaming.. Not HoT, Not PoF, not WvW or PVP... Yes the "release style" Tyria fun Gw2.. Not whatever this crap is we are labored with now.. also ditch the 5000 000 000 currencies while your at it and stop with the ascended and legendary trash.. Guildwars 2 lost the plot.
  13. Whats to figure out.. The expac was tiny.. Lacking content. The relics aren't very good and only a few are worth using (exactly the same as the last version) The rifts are boring and aren't fun. The grind required for the useless exotic set is larger than current legendary sets..
  14. Why not just add them to relics now this design is here i assume for good..
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