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  1. No Anet hates Warriors. I mean really.
  2. In open world for me scepter is a fail due to the block skill being well useless.. the chance it ever blocks, compared to it being a dead skill spot.. for me isn't good.
  3. I wondered if torment would work? i'm not very good at meta building though.
  4. Yes i realized my error thats why i said i think i messed up. Sorry.
  5. The OPs Hyperbole is over 9000... 🙀 Its not Destroying anything its actually made a poor to bad class actually usable.
  6. I can't tell exactly no, but i know its incredible low.. I can tell the Shiro back piece sold incredibly well though as everyone is wearing it.
  7. Dunno if its a specter bug or not but it seems to target friendlies over enemies in zergs.. while the idea is awesome its a hugely frustrating thing and makes events a fail if you cannot see you are doing it.
  8. It wont fund anet but depending on what they charged is still as much as the jade boat sales.. I've seen two in game since it went up for sale.. two..
  9. I know this is pretty poor feedback but its trash.. I got sick of dying on content other classes breeze through and gave up tried three or four different builds and all were terrible.. I went on to play other classes that are far superior. What the hell happened to Guardian it used to be great.
  10. Yeah its pretty bad.. Just look at the new easy to get Canthan armors, who on earth would want them, even the NPCs gears look way better.
  11. Wish i had that ping time, by the time i see those Aoes i've been hit.
  12. I generally can tell if we are a fail or not.. Easy tell is if the teams struggle to kill and if it takes the three teams a long time to kill the early champs might as well move one you know the dps is a fail..
  13. Not as useful as it could be. Jackal is by and large the most useful ground mount.. its speed is as good as the Raptor, faster than the warclaws, does great instant Aoe damage to bunches of enemies, can teleport away from enemies, never takes fall damage due to teleporting and gives everyone a barrier to survive different encounters.
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