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  1. I never have found cheap mechanics rewarding myself, frustrating yes, not rewarding.
  2. Yes.. With how cheaply and tacky they've done EoD i feel this is a last hurrah.
  3. The combat was great in tyria but after they obsessively added cc to everything i would not call it great anymore.. I think the title should be "MMORPGs are there own worst Enemy" these days..
  4. After trying those beta classes my excitement died with them, the expansion better be amazing or i'm done i think.. I wont be buying anymore GW2.
  5. I'm About as excited for EoD as i was after i played HoT... Which is to say i'm the directly the opposite of excited..
  6. Agreed its just horrific time sink.. i to this day have still never bothered with Skyscale. Its a mess that needs overhauls.. Luckily my Griffin murders skyscales.
  7. Hot is still horrible. Even to this day the CC of everything drags it down.. If you have no glider or mounts avoid it like the plague it is.
  8. You aren't alone everything about it screams pointless class.
  9. Yes so expensive lol they are making a whole expansion.. I never even got a ship 😞
  10. That game was amazing in beta, but after release the russian company went crazy and ruined it.. you needed cash shop items to level up.. i left after that.. I miss that game. It was really pvp though.. This thread will never die until Skritt become Playable and when in teams Skritts stats boost.
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