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Aetherium and Resonance

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Could we get an option to exchange Aetherium for Resonance, so we can speed up the Assembly Device and make crafting a lot of items less of a chore?



You re-implement the resonance vendor (which should be still in the code).
It exchanges Aetherium for Resonance.
Resonance becomes a buff for the Assembly Device that lasts 1 hour and can be stacked up. Every stack of Resonance reduces the Assembly Time by 5 seconds.
Up to 6 stacks, final stack reduces the assembly-time to 0 = instant assembly. 

The vendor should be accessible right after the unlock of the Workshop.

Regarding the Aetherium costs for the buff, I am not really sure how far we can go. We should keep in mind the maximum mining rate of 4h 10 min for 1,000 Aetherium. Pick something that makes the Aehterium use impactful, but not too costly. I also highly recommend to collect some feedback from the active WvW guilds *cough* cornerstone-community *cough*, as they are probably the ones who use the Assembly Device most often. They can give an insight what costs would be reasonable and what would be ridiculous.

Thanks for reading.

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