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Is Axe + Pistol = mandatory for bladesworn?


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So far the weapon sets I've had success with are axe/pistol, sword/pistol, greatsword and rifle, gameplay and priorities will vary from weapon to weapon and opponent you're up against.


sword/pistol and greatsword favors mobility but damage drops significantly compared to axe/pistol, but very good if your focus is playing around opportunities and rotating rather than dueling.


rifle favors range pressure, and softening them up, burning their dodges and cds, they either buckle to the kiting or overcommit and eat a well timed burst rotation from gunsaber and/or dragon slash. again burst potential drops significantly compared to axe/pistol.


low and slow like good barbecue.


You will find axe/axe closer to axe/pistol, than you will find greatsword to axe/pistol, but I personally would favor axe/pistol over axe/axe as pistol 5 is guaranteed when you land it, while axe 5 is more avoidable. axe 4 is a great tho, so up to you to see which you prefer really.


edit: i think /sh and /warhorn are ok too, but i just prefer pistol.

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