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From a longtime fan and player: Thanks!

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I have personally played almost 10k hours throughout Guild Wars 2's up time.  I bought a lot of gems, which sure greases the wheels, but from a deeply committed player please accept my thanks and gratitude for all the work you've all put into this game.  Fans and players alike are heard and appreciated.  Consistent updates and excellent security have kept me entertained and safe from outside interference.  Polish and balance in End of Dragons creates confidence in the current team, most of whom have probably worked through the epidemic.

While this is not a perfect game, and a lot of people bring complaints and hate in here and in-game, the overwhelming experience is without equal, it's been a constant in my free time for a reason.

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I have 10k hours too and whilst EoD killed my love of the game stone dead, no other game has given me quite that kind of investment. So whilst I may not have the enthusiasm anymore for the game which doesn’t feel like it once did, I am appreciative for the fun times in game when I was in playing daily and enjoying a beautifully crafted world and superb pick and play sandbox adventure.

Im also grateful that whilst I’m playing less now because of the quality drop, if it ever returns to its heights again or my enthusiasm returns, I’m not feeling left behind. Even if I took a long extended break, I can pick up where I was and just carry on and not have any treadmills or dead content.

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