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Ascendent itens stats change

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Home instance quartz nodes have a chance to yield an additional Charged one every day.

While they can drop from wintersday gifts or zephyrite supply boxes (related event starts in 2 days), the drop rates are very very low according to drop rate research, currently listed as 0.3% for wintersday gifts and less than 0.1% for zephyrite supply boxes and trick-or-treat bags, making it an expensive endeavor to try and get them from those bags.

I would generally recommend to just charge your quartz every day until you've run out. Just like how crafting your daily Lump of Mithrillium generates value for you, many items crafted from charged quartz have a premium value to account for the time gate, making it basically always worth it to do.

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23 hours ago, DebraKadabra.5278 said:

Another thing to think about is crafting the ascended item in another stat set, then changing the stats in the Mystic Forge so you're only crafting the Celestial inscription or insignia.


The thread title already made mention of TC wanting to stat change ascended. The issue they run into was with the time gate on the celestial inscriptions/insignia which your advice does not help with. Just saying 🧐



Stat changing ascended into celestial and losing a different ascended set is one of the least efficient ways to go about this, especially when ascended gear might be rare to the player. You are better off going budget build, use exotic celestial stat selectable gear or using stat selectable ascended gear/chests. The effort into making the insignias/inscriptions takes time and the only place of value is effectively T4 fractals, where you don't want to run celestial in general.

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