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Gladiator Waine broken Telegraph


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This fight is a good fight. You have to manage his warding attack so that you don't accidentally box yourself in. You have to move away from him and walk around the arena to avoid his line attack. This would be a fun fight if not for his hard hitting melee attack. 

If you try to fight him in close range, he will occasionally do a melee attack that chunks 80% of your health, or one shots you if you're running glass. This would be fine, but the telegraph for the skill (the circle on the ground) only shows AFTER he hits you. 

It's like the game is saying, "hey dodge this" after it has already thrown a haymaker at your face. This mechanic more or less forces you to go ranged on this fight because there's no way to realistically avoid eating the damage. 

Fix the telegraph on this skill so players can properly react to and avoid it. 

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11 hours ago, Shuzuru.3651 said:

Is it really broken ? 

I mean, it's a short telegraph, but I'm pretty sure the circle is there before the attack, as I already dodge it because I saw the circle.

The game have telegraph of many length, this one is simply a short one. 

OP might have more latency then you and me and to them it seems to be after they already been hit.

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