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Help for a Newbie Reaper


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Hi Guys,


I need help understanding what I'm doing wrong. I have a fresh lvl 80 Reaper, with full exotic gear and trinkets, following this build for low intensity DPS Reaper: 



I'm trying my best to nail down the rotation but the highest DPS on golem I got was 12k without boons (only food), 14k full boon, so not even close to the 16k this guide shows.

What am I doing wrong? Is it possible that ascended gear would boosts my damage that much?

Was Reaper nerfed?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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The build is just outdated.

All in all:

- You in exotic gear -> less damage (less power, less crit chance, less ferocity)

- Spirit/banner/unique buffs have removed -> less damage (less damage modifier, less power, less crit chance, less ferocity)

- The 33% crit chance while in shroud the build relied on have been replaced by a flat 10% no matter wether you're in shroud or not.

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3 hours ago, Devas.8104 said:

Reaper is fine, all necromancer specs are still top of the meta - including PvP.

There's nothing to see here, move along. Nerf necros harder plz. 


[Guardian|teef|mech] main here 

No. They need to buff reaper it so none never ever says again it lacks of dps in instanced group content. 

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5 hours ago, samsar.9152 said:

No. They need to buff reaper it so none never ever says again it lacks of dps in instanced group content. 

Didn't you see his last sentence? "[Guardian|teef|mech] main here"

He is just flexing his sarcasm here just like he would have said "[Guardian|necromancer] main here" pre june/july patch.

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The build has flaws, that's why your dps suffers.
Here's what's wrong and how to fix:

1. You're missing 30.9% crit chance. This is huge dps loss, two outta three stats responsible for power damage do nothing if you don't crit. And with this build your crits do TRIPLE the damage of non crits when shrouded (your top dps window).

Fix: Replace Close to Death grandmaster trait with Dread. Now you can generate your own fury (25% crit chance) when you fear an enemy. Additionally you'll also generate extra quickness which will be very helpful outside of shroud, and you'll get to use fears a lot more because of shroud's fear skill (#3) 50% reset on kill. 
With that your crit chance is at 94%.  Replace one of your sigils with sigil of accuracy (7% crit chance) and you're golden - 100% crit chance achieved.

Or instead you can replace Soul Eater with Decimate defenses. With good vulnerability generation you can get up to 50% crit chance vs a target depending on how many vulni stacks it has.

2. Spiteful talisman  (spite adept trait) is stoopid on this build.

You're not running axe nor focus. So two thirds of this trait are already in the dumpster. 10% damage to boonless foes is a dps loss. Why you ask? Becuase 25% damage boost from vulnerability is far better. And you can get that much easier with Bitter Chill trait.

Can you have 25% dps boost from fully stacked vulni and 10% on top from Spiteful talisman? Yes.
Buuuut - this requires you to do some backflips - Greatsword 3 skill followed by 8 autos in shroud.
Reminder: this is a low intensity build. You're not supposed to jump through hoops but upkeep all needed dps buffs/boons/condies just doing minimal rotation.
And every chill giving you 3 vulni stacks helps keep that condition high all the time.

3. You need to be aware of your damage buff windows.

Chill opponents before dumping your bursts - cold shoulder trait will increase your damage by 15% when hitting chilled foes. And bitter chill will reward you 3 vulni stacks each time you chill.

Soul barbs give you 10% damage boost for 10s when entering and when leaving shroud. So be mindful of that  and don't stay in one form too long.

If possible use signet of vampirism right before going into shroud. Due to Signet of Suffering trait i'll recharge much faster than normally while you're shrouded and it's life stealing active will still go through shroud and heal you. This will make it usuable that much more often, boosting both sustain and slighly dps.

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