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Steam version: Not able to buy gems from the Black Lion Trading Company store

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i'm curious if anyone playing the steam version is able to buy gems from the ingame store?

My steam wallet has the nessesary funds, but when i select any amount of gems and click on the "next" button in the store dialog a loading indicator is shown and nothing happens. I tried to wait for multiple minutes, but it just keep loading infinitely. It seems the game fails to connect to the steam api or something.

Here's a screenshot: https://ibb.co/tYVHJJV


Does anyone have an idea what i could try to fix the problem?

I already reached out to arenanet support, but they just told me to contact steam as i'm trying to purchase something via steam (which technically from my point of view is not correct). I'm trying to purchase something from the ingame store and not a DLC from the steam store. There might be very well something wrong my account on arenanet's side?!


I'm already regretting having bought the Steam version and not the classical one...


Update for clarification:
I installed the free version via Steam on the 23rd and created my account and Character. On the 24th of August i bougth the Complete Collection

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I fixed the problem... 🍺

So for anyone experiencing the same issue: Enable the steam overlay !

The game client needs access to the steam overlay as you need to confirm the purchase in the steam overlay webbrowser.

Arenanet: This is really something you might want to add to the Steam FAQ page. 🙂

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5 hours ago, Junebug.9038 said:

I have is that my account still has a few days to go before I can buy or sell on the trading post.  Could that be whats causing the problem?

It shouldn't be, since F2P accounts can actually buy gems and use them in the gem store for items that don't require expansions. The only limitation for them is that they can't convert gold to gems.

However you might have to wait 72h after account creation (or activating your expansion) on Steam as additional security measure. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if ANet added some additional security checks for the Steam launch since they had a security incident with the in-game gem store last November when they changed payment providers.

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I just tried on my Steam Account and having the issue despite having in-game client turned on for the game. I wonder if this is a steam issue or communication between Steam and ArenaNet. It would nice if this could be fixed sooner than later considering how many may be playing thru Steam.

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