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  1. With the last update, ANet started a/b-testing some new default settings for new accounts which include changes to the way targeting works by default. Maybe there were some side-effects with the rollout of that new test.
  2. That's quite a hilarious explanation... I selected that axe for my test, because it was a low volume item. According to the external TP-related websites that use GW2s API to track prices there were only 0 to 3 listed per day over the last 3 months. Btw, I just checked, 6h after my buying spree there are still only the 4 expensive axes listed I mentioned in my previous post and it doesn't look like there were any other trades since then. Go ahead and waste some hundred gold on those 4 axes and see how long it takes until you completely buy the item out. Anyway, I either found (and report
  3. If you are referring to my post above, I hate to break it to you, but I was able to buy 400+ axes within roughly 5 to 10 seconds since I spam-bought that specific randomly dropped loot on purpose. It's a low volume item without any buy orders in the system. I pretty much bought more axes in seconds than are usually bought within months. Personally I don't see how someone is able to post 220+ unpopular items within such a short timespan, but stops posting once I bought out all items below 50s. Also keep in mind that there is typically a slight delay between a sale and the notification to t
  4. Where did I say anything about systems that were around in 2012? I'm talking about today. Please explain to me how I was just able to buy ~450x Strong Iron Axes (lvl 54) when there were only 177 available according to the TP interface? Unless the TP allows going into negative amounts of items, which would be quite stupid to allow from a design PoV, I should have gotten all of them for ~15g. There are still some 4 pieces available at fairly high prices (~50s to ~1g) that get instantly refilled if I buy them out over and over. Interestingly enough after relisting 25 axes at a few silvers, t
  5. It's most likely a market making system that ANet runs for certain items like low level armor and weapons since it's unlikely that the player base supplies enough of those kind of items regularly across a wide range of levels. Personally I never did proper modelling for those types of items, but I'd assume the offers on the TP will almost always be above the salvage value of those items to avoid players buying them in bulk for their mats. No idea how ANet set the TP backend hard- and software up. However if it was some sort of cache/sync/consistency issue, I'd assume that you woul
  6. I just created another character, parked it as 31st alt at the end of the JP and was still able to open the chest, after having opened it 30x before today. Did you by chance open the chests yesterday shortly before the daily reset? Some chests don't seem to properly reset if you are logged into your account during the daily reset.
  7. Verified and updated for those who were still wondering about the required level.
  8. Unless that iSCSI device has low latency SSD(s) for storage, avoid using it for GW2 anyway, especially when using DX11. You might even see I nice boost in performance when playing from a decent local NVMe SSD. However if you still want to share your GW2 installation over the network, you could try a tool called "gw2launcher" which was originally designed to launch multiple accounts from a single installation for multi-boxing purposes. It's tolerated by ANet as far as I know and should allow you to create two or more profiles with different graphics settings while only requiring updating t
  9. Not sure if it was fixed with the June 7th update, but if it wasn't and you encounter it again, just move the character that experienced the bug out of Arborstone into another zone before logging out. That should properly reset the daily counter the next day and "fix" the bugged character/account.
  10. No it's not missing a "0". You can use the invitation on any character above level 2 which is intentional to avoid people breaking their characters by teleporting out of the starter instance. It's the same reasoning as with the lounge teleport scrolls. If you desire to have the invitation at level 2 you can always buy it from one of the skritt festival vendors in Lion's Arch before you get it in the mail. It's pretty much the same for all six festivals. The wiki is also wrong about the level requirement for the mail. It's level 15 from what I remember, but I'll verify it later today
  11. Piken Square Dragon Hunters (https://psdh.eu/) do a weekly early afternoon run on Sundays. There is also a loose group of folks doing a daily run late afternoon or evening depending on the day of the week. Just take a look at LFG about 30 minutes before the event starts and join the groups early to actually get into the map. Usually it takes three to four attempts on my alt-accounts to get all five mastery points. Not sure how you think this world boss could be downscaled better. The only thing that comes to mind is a reduction of the stacks of immunity which is fixed at 20
  12. There are quite a lot of folks who are willing to pay for the convenience, especially since the wiki hasn't a nice little breakdown for the amount of each type required for the whole collection yet. I finished the collection yesterday as well and it's quite time consuming to go through all permutations despite having more than enough basic cubs and dyes at hand from the beginning.
  13. When you transition between areas with different LUT effects, e.g. swimming out of water or walking over some of the bridges in Destiny's Gorge I get at least one corrupt frame flashing on the screen. It doesn't seem to be affected by driver versions or Win 10 editions, both on my RX 6800 XT and GTX 1080 Ti equipped systems.
  14. Ouch, not getting anything above common rarity is really bad luck. Personally I don't open more than ~10 chests at a time anymore, unless I get a lucky streak. Maybe it's just observation bias, but I opened ~350 chests with the WvW/PvP reward track elixir (don't ask why ) and I noticed that sometimes you get good or bad streaks when opening chests in batches of 25. My luckiest streak was 2 rare and 4 or 5 uncommon weapon skins in a streak of 50 chest. At other times I was happy to get 1 uncommon skin out of 25 chests. Altogether I only got 4 rare weapon skins, a rare tonic and a node ou
  15. It may or may not be apply to you, but if you are using an AMD GPU and upgraded to the latest drivers you might get some weird graphical and crashes issues, since these seem to be really, really bad for GW2. I actually had to downgrade to the beta drivers since they worked fine for.
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