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Rewards for Finishing off Saga Missions.

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To the Developers

I have just finished off the Heart of Thorns campain, I was somewhat disapointed in the rewards given.

I wonder if the Developers would consider also giving something like (aprox) 10 gems or 5 Gold, just to say thanks for playing GW2 and hope you will continue playing.

As an insentive to continue playing another Saga knowing there are rewards at the end of the mission campain.

It's just a suggestion, What do you think?

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While the rewards for finishing HoT are not great I would personally prefer minor tweaks to the usability of the given rewards. For reference the rewards I have in my notes are:

HoT Act 1 P4 (The Jungle Provides) = Bladed Headgear Box
HoT Act2 P2 (City of Hope) = Auric Weapon
HoT Act3 P1 (Roots of Terror) = Black Lion Chest Key
HoT Act4 P1 (Bitter Harvest) = Box of Viper, Minstrel or Trailblazer gear (Exotic)
HoT Act4 P2 (Hearts and Minds) = Leystone Armor Box, Exotic/Rare reward box.

(*Note that I haven't completed the HoT story in a couple of years now so it is possible they may have changed, though the wiki seems to suggest they are still current)


The primary changes I would like are:

1) Change the Bladed Headgear Box to a Bladed Armor Box, thus enabling players to choose any piece of Bladed armor.

2) Allow the Leystone Armor to choose which stat you want. Wanderer's is a rather niche stat and while (imo) the primary purpose of the box is to fill out the Leystone armor collection without having to buy them from the NPC this would at least maintain them as usable source of exotics for alts or such.

3) Change the Auric Weapon (and Chak Weapon from Buried Insight) to weapon boxes that allow us to choose any of the weapons as opposed to a limited selection of 3 based on class. (Selectable stats on the exotic Auric weapons would also be a plus).

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