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Repel the Aetherblade assault in North Peninsula


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7 hours ago, phs.6089 said:

Hi. I'm trying to do Aetherblade Shenanigans achivments.

I'm on the Escort the jade mech reinforcements to the perimeter camp (80) at North Peninsula.

I did this 2 times all the down to tower, defence and mech recovery, there are no aetherblades only risen. What am I missing? Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

You're probably doing the wrong event. You're supposed to escort Officer Tae. You probably escort Officer Jian in this event: Escort Officer Jian to Usoku's Watchtower

Look for Officer Tae after the map meta just across the bridge SE of Daigo Ward. There's only Aetherblades in this event.

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