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Willbender and Virtues traits


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I have to setups that I use.  First is the power build.  Second is the condition build.

The power build is more flexible, has higher upfront damage, and also loses less damage while using Courage and Resolve.  The condition build, however, is lower maintenance while doing higher prolonged damage, and also its damage upscales really well against tightly packed enemies.  

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The passive effects proc while the active skill is well, active. Example, when using justice, for 8 secs after you will apply the passive virtue burning damage.


The power build is pretty bad outside pvp. Condi build is pretty good in most pve. Extremely good solo. I would use GW meta battle for build details. It uses the same trait lines you are using.

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On 9/18/2022 at 8:34 AM, ptbo.9731 said:

I just realised how wasted the passive effects are on virtue traits for Willbenders considering they only have activation-based virtues. I hope Anet addresses this soon. 😕 
What traits would you recommend? I'm currently on Radiance, Virtues, and WIllbender. 

Already addressed as otto.5684 said.

While you have the virtue related effect active, the associated passive will trigger.

That's how condi Willbender work.

Traited F1 gives 8s of Justice, during which every 3 attacks cause a Burning explosion.

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