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"The End is nigh "


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One thing I was thinking about is how shouts can't interact with the stat boosts reaper shroud gets. 


'Nothing can save you' could be repurposed for a shout called 'The End is nigh '

It could keep the boon conversion into Vuln 

But work like a time bomb where any damage you do under the duration gets added into a delayed hit.


That way you could have a way to have a shout that works while in shroud. 


Staying vague somewhat because I'm not a numbers guy 

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We could also just accept that locking out utilities while in shroud is an archaic design choice that honestly has no real merit to continue to exist in the modern gameplay. All the justifiable reasons for shroud not allowing utilities have withered away over the years with nerfs to shroud and power creep across the board, hell harbingers never even had any of the benefits that justified it for reaper and core in the first place.

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