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Mobs disappeared and don'r respawn (bugged) in timberline falls

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In Ogduk waypoint there's a grawl village related to the heart mission that gives an asura (Sizza).

It used to be a lot of grawls inside the cave and the wooden tents.

Now there isn't any grawl in the village, like they died and never respawn. The only grawls availables nereby are constatly being camped by afk farmer necros, and new people who wants to complete the quest have problems to kill them when before it was an easy task.

I've been observing this problem the entire week.

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I know the locations you are talking about and yes unfortunately there are lots of Necromancers farming that area. That said, you can fill the heart by killing the grawl heading up the hill towards "The Great Oouo" point of interest.

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6 hours ago, Axelteas.7192 said:

The last week when there was grawils in the cave and the houses I could use the waypoint. If it was contested I souldnt be able to use it right?

I think its only contested during the event that comes up there. I recall being able to port into a hostile village before. That being said, you can get another map when Ley Line Anomoly is up, as the map will overflow and you'll get a fresh, empty instance without AFK farmers.


See https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Event_timers

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