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The 17th King and Queen's Horrorween (2022)

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The Raffle and the Art Contest are two separate activities, and both are now closed.

We have drawn the winning numbers, and they are:


49 - Peter Panda.5629 (Conjurer Rakk)

24 - Lumyia.3486

20 - Haada.1842 (Allyndalis)

139 - Suuskee.4092

159 - jewelss.1742


The winners will have their prizes mailed to them soon.  If you haven't received your prize yet, don't panic. It takes time to transport stuff across the Underworld (and we go through a lot of couriers). 


Thanks everyone for taking part, and for attending the King and Queen's Horrorween. If you have lovely pictures or videos of the event to share, please share them in this thread.



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My Friends & Tyrians.


What a glorious night we had, everyone was so full of energy and happy. 

I've just concluded sending out all the prizes for the various activities and will soon depart back to the Ice Wastes to recuperate my strength.


But before I do, I just wish to express a heartfelt MASSIVE thank you for everyone that came, and a special mention goes out to our wonderful supporters, volunteers and staff that devote as much time as the Hosts into giving everyone a spectacular event.


Thank you everyone, thank you. 🎃

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