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All soulbeast GMs should have an effect on beastmode


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So i played the new patch for a couple of hours and i have to say: i love eternal bond

I think all GMs should have such a profound impact to the specs playstyle.

IMO i would go a step further and would give each GM a real imlact how beastmode behaves. These are some example how this could look like.

1. Eternal Bond: I would keep it as is but also remove the pet unmerged entirely, this trait should focus on beastmode and beastmode only.

2. Leader of the pack: the stance trait should be moved to master tier and instead this should give you the ability to be a beast among beasts. So you are always merged with one pet and the other one is out, when you merge you switch pets instead. When your pet is dead you cannot merge with it.

3. Oppressive superiority: this trait could lay emphasize on your loyal bond and how it conquers the lands. You only have access to one pet in combat (no petswap while fighting) but you gain bonus stats depending on the archetype for a short period after merge and unmerge. 

All of these give something and take something but also give so much more depth to the whole spec IMO. Until now it was just stats stacking, i wish this spec could be something even greater and more nuanced. All specs should have this tbh.

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Nah, agreed the balance patch feels like very sad very wet morning. 

Swap while merged: Baseline to Soulbeast

Eternal bond: Bring back the revive thing with the miserable 2K health if you are in beastmode. That and the extra health from using beast skills should be fine and make the tank role better and it is worth of a trait. 

Oppressive superiority: Replace Furious strength and become a minor. 

GMs: Even with the pet swap i think Soulbeast should have access to one archetype. And to be selected by the GMs. Current GMs are redistributed in other tiers. 

Average damage is nerfed a bit like this, If anet thinks it is needed (i don't) they can add the missing from Furious grip % into twice as vicious or oppressive superiority.  As such pushing Soulbeast into a bursty-by-design Soulblast. 

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